Our organic Nettle products

Our organic Nettle products

The benefits of organic Nettle, with its sebum-reducing properties, are available in a complete range of care products for hair that tends to be greasy. The hair is lastingly cleansed and the scalp gets greasy less quickly. The ideal way to space out shampoos and put off bad hair days as long as possible.

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Nettle for an oily hair care formula

Do you want to get rid of greasy hair? Choose specific hair care products that are gentle. Sometimes the scalp many get stressed, and it secretes a layer of sebum that naturally settles on the hair. Certain medications, especially hormonal ones, can also affect sebum production.

As a result, the hair becomes shiny and sticky, causing you to have to rewash it very frequently. This tendency locks you into a vicious circle, leading to over-drying, as the substances in shampoos further dry out the hair fibres. Greasy hair can be a real nuisance, as well as unsightly.

Our remedy? A range of organic Nettle-based care products, renowned for it's efficacy. The root of this plant is also an excellent scalp tonic, which strengthens the hair to reduce temporary hair loss and limite the appearance of flakes. It acts in depth and cleanses the scalp. It removes sebum from the scalp, which helps prevent the hair from becoming greasy as quickly.

Thanks to Klorane shampoos and care products for oily hair featuring Organic Nettle, cleansing is gentle and effective. Your hair is strengthened and regains its shine. The scalp is lastingly refreshed.

Klorane organic Nettle-based care products to purify and rebalance oily scalps

Our shampoo, enriched with Organic Nettle extracts, features a very gentle, sulphate-free cleansing base. This active ingredient is capable of reducing excess sebum and purifying hair that tends to get greasy. A real care product with an absorbing effect, the shampoo benefits from the sebo-reducing properties of Nettle. The scalp is deeply cleansed and shampoos can gradually be spaced out.

Our anti-waste tip: there's no need to apply shampoo all over your hair. The water stream distributes the product, so one squeeze of shampoo is more than enough. You can alternate this shampoo with the dry shampoo from the same range. This will save you 500 litres of water per year.

Another care product, the dry shampoo offers an exclusive blend of four natural micronized powders. Its combination with the properties of Nettle makes it a unique formula, which reduces excess sebum levels and allows you to wash your hair less frequently. The hair is purified and left light and voluminous. This dry shampoo is also available in a tinted version for brunettes.

The shampoo mask contains an innovative cleansing powder, combining Organic Nettle and absorbent clay. The formula is particularly gentle, does not irritate the scalp and allows you to space out your shampoos. The hair stays clean for longer. This product is available in sachets to be emptied into the palm of your hand: just a few drops of water need to be added to create a creamy lather.

Klorane attaches great importance to the origin of the active ingredients used in its products. The Nettle is harvested in Eastern Europe; its roots are dried naturally in the sun in order to concentrate its active ingredients. The formula is biodegradable*, and the bottles (excluding cap) contain 100% recycled and recyclable plastic. The packaging is also 100% recyclable.

Nettle: a powerful plant active ingredient for the skin and hair

This plant has been harvested for many centuries, although it hasn't been properly appreciated because of its stinging hairs. Its great richness has led to it being recognised as a highly sought-after herb by the cosmetic and medical world. It offers large medicinal benefits, acting as an expectorant, diuretic, antidiarrheal, haemostatic, antidiabetic, depurative...

It contains a high quantity of vitamins. Its leaves are rich in proteins, which are very useful for maintaining healthy hair and cleansing the scalp. Nettle-based products are therefore particularly recommended for:

  • strengthening hair to slow down hair loss;
  • fighting against the appearance of flakes on the scalp;
  • removing excess sebum, which is ideal for hair with a tendency to be greasy;
  • reducing scalp irritation due to dryness.

Thanks to silica and other minerals, this herb is a source of mineralisation for the hair. This therefore makes the hair more radiant and supple. The use of nettle is therefore very valuable in maintaining your hair health. After a few weeks of washing with an organic Nettle-based product, you will notice a real change in the appearance of your hair.


*According to test OEACD 301B

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