Specialised hair care

Specialised hair care

Because your hair sometimes has very specific needs, we’ve designed hair care products that complement shampoo and conditioner, to target your current concerns as accurately as possible: slowing down hair loss, protecting your hair from pollution, repairing split ends, soothing an irritated scalp, etc.

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Klorane hair sprays, serums and products: nature takes care of you!

Klorane draws on the benefits and virtues of plants from the heart of nature. For generations, Klorane has been using the active ingredients of rigorously selected plants and flowers to offer you care products with a soul.  

Each of the brand's products contains at least 95% natural ingredients and 100% traceability and eco-design. Because it is from Mother Nature that Klorane has been able to discover the riches that allow each hair type to find the solution that suits it. Shampoo is the basic treatment offered by Klorane, but for many people it’s not enough, so Klorane strives to create conditioners that suit your hair type: whether you have dry or brittle hair, colour-treated hair, oily hair or suffer from dandruff, you're sure to find the right product for you in our wide range of conditioners.

The products in this category include several varieties in the form of a conditioner, spray and hair serum—some that need to be rinsed and some that don’t. The textures and fragrances are quite varied, and Klorane strives to offer a wide range of conditioner choices to suit every need with very precise guidelines.

Klorane has chosen to commit itself to protecting and respecting nature. As such, in the heart of the Tarn region of France, Klorane cultivates its own land using organic farming methods, in order to grow some of its own plants. For the others, suppliers and their practices are rigorously monitored. Botanists are constantly exploring new horizons to unearth still unknown active ingredients and innovate with hair sprays and serums. All products are offered in packaging containing recycled plastic to protect our environment, and can be found in pharmacies and beauty stores.

A range of hair products for everyone: conditioner, spray and serum.

Depending on your hair type, Klorane allows you to easily search on its website to get answers to your particular request. Dry hair? Klorane has the solution: after using the shampoo with Mango butter to nourish your hair, the dry oil with mango is the perfect complement to protect your hair and restore its shine. Waterproof, this oil will be your best friend on the beach to keep your hair looking glossy.

Oats grown in southwestern France are carefully selected to offer the best of their virtues. A leave-in spray with Oat milk will amaze your whole family (from the age 3 years old) and will avoid many conflicts, as detangling will become a moment of relaxation and pleasure.

Klorane works with professionals who combine the best of nature's products to give you exceptional results. Quinine, extracted from cinchona bark, was already well known to the Incas. Klorane carries on an ancestral tradition by adding caffeine and arginine to obtain an explosive mixture that will boost hair strength and growth.

Chamomile has been used since ancient times for its medicinal properties. Under the Egyptian sky, its flowers in full bloom are harvested and dried in the sun to collect its active ingredient – apigenin – which will brighten your blonde or light brown hair naturally thanks to its summery hue.

And what about children in all this? Klorane has designed a product dedicated to your little ones, which will delight mothers at war with tangles: the detangling spray with acacia honey features a natural formula that will even suit kids.

Spray and serum: which product to choose?

Klorane offers a wide variety of conditioners, so how do you decide between the Spray and the Serum?

The serum has a more concentrated texture and a formula rich in fatty acids that will help the most fragile hair. It does not need to be rinsed out, but it does tackle a specific problem. A product like the Klorane Peony Serum is applied directly to the scalp and works after a few uses to intensely nourish and repair, so it’s best to use it as a treatment. It doesn't feel greasy, but it will bring out your hair's shine and nourish your hair fibre. It acts from the root and penetrates deep into the hair!

On the other hand, sprays are applied all over the hair and are more suitable for children. They can be used on a more occasional basis to detangle, like the Oat Milk spray, or to refresh, like the Aquatic Mint spray. They will leave behind a protective veil to shield the hair from external aggressions such as the sun, pollution, odours, etc.

Spray or serum for the hair: make your choice from our range of care products featuring natural active ingredients!

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