Shampoo bars and powders

Shampoo bars and powders

The goal? No waste. Not just eco-conscious*, sensorial and vegan: discover these new beauty allies to lather up with pleasure and wash your hair gently. On vacation, they'll slip into your bathroom or your vanity without taking up any space!

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Klorane shampoo bars and care products: to support an eco-conscious you

Klorane solid shampoos and care products are the result of botanical research that combines pharmaceutical rigour and respect for nature. Designed with eco-responsibility* in mind, all our products and their packaging offer you the guarantee of a purchase that supports an eco-conscious you while also doing you good on a daily basis.*  

By opting for the shampoo bar and care products, which can even be applied on dry hair, you will discover the benefits of almond and its richness in proteins, the protecting benefits of flax, or the antioxidant freshness of Organic Mint—all while adopting a more ecological approach*.*

Thanks to Klorane's wide range of hair care, you will be able to find the product that best suits the nature of your hair. Using our practical guide, discover the cream, clay mask, spray, gel, mask or capsules that will complement your shampoo bar.

The entire range of Klorane shampoo bars is designed for the comfort of your hair but also for your well-being, thanks to the delicate fragrances created in our French laboratories.

A range for each of your rituals


Just like the skin, the hair can be sensitive. That's why we've designed shampoo bars and conditioners in our laboratories that care for delicate hair. This is the case with our ultra-gentle range with Oat milk, designed to leave even the finest hair light and supple. To revive your colour, the pomegranate bark conditioner is easy to apply before rinsing off. Complemented with a day cream, it locks in your colour.


In the form of a clay powder to be mixed with just a bit of water, the Organic 2-in-1 Mask-Shampoo with Nettle is very suitable for oily greasy hair. If, on the other hand, you have very dry hair, opt for a 3-in-1 Organic Cupuaçu Mask, which is also available in a conditioner format. By nourishing damaged hair, it makes it more resistant.

Toners and serums

Organic Cupuaçu butter has the same detangling effect as the organic Mint-based conditioner and spray, bringing shine and volume to your hair. If your hair is tired, dull and you suffer from hair loss, toning serums with Quinine and Organic Edelweiss or Organic Peony will restore strength and density to your hair.

Get curious!

In addition to your Klorane shampoo, enhance your blonde and light brown highlights with a chamomile spray. Restore shine to your dull hair with the magnolia wax-based shine spray. Explore unique, pleasant formulas and textures with our shampoo bars, soothing peony gels or sprays with Flax fibre.

The benefits of a nature that respects you

With over 50 years of experience, Klorane is completely revamping today’s hair care products by choosing naturally derived ingredients that are grown with respect. The various flowers, barks, leaves, waxes, milks and other vinegars are specifically chosen to care for your hair. The skilful compositions of all our products are inspired by the most ancestral traditions of ancient Egypt, Mediterranean care rituals or age-old Asian and Arab customs. Based on both science and history, we have created blends of botanical active ingredients for all hair types.

Anti-yellowing, anti-dandruff, protective and soothing, the known properties of hand-picked organically and ethically* grown plants have been revisited to bring you beauty and comfort every day.*

Softness and lightness, shine and brilliance, colour and highlight intensity, nourishment or reducing oiliness... the benefits of plant-based shampoo bars are designed to suit all generations of hair, including the very young.

With biodegradable** formulas, we limit the impact of our products on the aquatic environment.**** According to test OECD 301B In addition to our emulsions (which limit the amount of rinsing required) and recycled plastic containers, our work in the short supply chain* guarantees that you can buy a shampoo bar, a conditioner or a spray in a pharmacy, with benefits that go far beyond your personal life.*

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