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We are pharmacists

While our passion for botany fuels our inspiration, it is our scientific rigor that determines our actions. Inspired by plants to meet your needs, our formulas are designed in close collaboration with dermatologists and safety experts to offer you innovative products that are more natural and eco-designed, without compromising on efficacy, tolerance and sensoriality.

Scientific ethics and development charter

Scientific ethics and development charter

Our products are developed by our scientists: botanists, phytochemists, galenicists, pharmacists, dermatologists and toxicologists. Our 100% French pharmaceutical expertise guarantees impeccable ethics in the development of formulas and a rigorous scientific approach in all stages of product development.

We only use ingredients that have been carefully assessed by our scientific experts, guided by European Cosmetics Regulations. For each ingredient, the following criteria required under EU and UK Cosmetics Regulation are assessed:

  • the nature of the ingredient,
  • the concentration of the ingredient in the product that comes into contact with the skin,
  • the contact time, depending on the type of product (rinse-off or leave-on),
  • the product category (face, body) and therefore exposure surface,
  • the target, with particular attention to people who are “ sensitive ”, namely babies, children, pregnant women and people with skin conditions,
  • the packaging and application method

Our dermo-cosmetic products do not escape the fundamental rules of medical and pharmaceutical rigour, which require that nothing be confirmed without proof. 

We carry out clinical testing on all our formulas:

  • preclinical in vitro tests
  • in vivo and clinical tolerance tests 
  • sensitisation test in maximum exposure conditions under medical supervision
  • skin and/or eye area tolerance test under normal conditions of use, under dermatological and/or ophthalmological and/or paediatric supervision 

Our commitment

Preserve natural resources

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For our formulas

Since 2018, Klorane’s no-rinse formulas contain 95% naturally-derived ingredients, and 85% of our rinse-off formulas are biodegradable (according to the OECD 301 B test). By 2022, 90% of our formulas will apply the Clean Beauty Klorane formulation charter and will contain only essential ingredients.
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For our packaging

As of 2020, all our new packaging is eco-designed. We have removed the product leaflets. Our boxes and inserts are made from cardboard sourced from sustainably managed forests and where possible, we will remove them. Our shampoo bottles (except dry shampoos) are made of 50% recycled plastic, in 2023, they will be made of 100% recycled plastic. We have also decided to remove the face and eye makeup removal wipes from our product range.
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Relating to production

Internal extraction and formulation are carried out in the South West of France: the extraction site is ISO 14001 certified for its environmental management system. The manufacturing site is at a factory committed to the experimental High Environmental Quality approach to limit environmental impact during the manufacturing process. Thanks to a biomass boiler, plant waste from the extraction site is transformed into energy, which reduces our carbon footprint by 1,600 tonnes of CO2 per year, and our gas consumption by 60%. It also makes it possible to supply our entire manufacturing plant with hot water.
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Simple and economical in terms of natural resources, however, our products are not lacking in transparency and traceability: you can find the list of all the ingredients used on our website.



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Backed by a pharmaceutical laboratory, based on scientific ethics, our absolute priority is to guarantee your safety. In order to do this, we work with highly qualified teams of toxicologists to rigorously evaluate all of our products.

To ensure the efficacy and tolerance of our shampoo and skin care formulas, each stage of development (from the active ingredient to the finished product) is backed by tests that meet strict requirements. These tests are carried out in accordance with strict scientific protocols, under medical supervision. All of our ingredients are high tolerance, and with minimal environmental impact. To ensure complete transparency in our procedures, we will open up our offices and production sites to over 2,000 healthcare professionals every year. Klorane is a brand of the Pierre Fabre group whose approach has been evaluated as Excellent by Ecocert Environnement, according to the ISO 26000 standard.

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