Fine & thinning hair

Fine & thinning hair

Does your hair tend to fall flat? If it lacks body and is thin, it doesn't have to be that way—there are solutions! You can restore its energy, density and volume in no time thanks to our adapted care formulas — a protective effect guaranteed!

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Care for fine hair: Klorane solutions

After shampooing, your hair needs a detangling treatment to ensure protection and shine. Especially if your hair is fine, it needs specific care for fine hair to be maintained and cared for and to feel light, healthy, strong and full of hold and shine.  

Klorane's products will meet this need by sheathing your hair, leaving it supple, light, and looking beautiful every day. Klorane's rigorous selection of plants guarantees quality and effectiveness, making these products – like all the brand's products – a safe bet. The products ensure immediate and gentle detangling. They also provide the necessary care for your hair due to high quality naturally derived ingredients chosen from a rigorous selection process to which the brand is committed. Whatever the nature of your hair, Klorane has the perfect product that will provide the right solution to address your concerns—to achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy hair every day.

The benefits of Klorane's fine hair care products

Your hair care product should be a real beauty asset for your hair and to maintain its quality. By choosing Klorane hair care, you are opting for products that will provide the maintenance necessary for the beauty, suppleness and vitality of your hair—no matter what it needs. The plant-based active ingredients incorporated into Klorane products provide the lightness and volume your hair needs, in a lasting way.

Thus, choosing Flax as a key component of your fine hair care products, for example, means ensuring that your hair care will have all the quality that Klorane strives to give to its products, through the rigorous selection of its ingredients from controlled cultivation and the particular attention given to their incorporation into the formulas. Flax will be the ideal ingredient for your fine hair care: on the one hand, the plant itself provides all its benefits to the product and, on the other hand, you’ll benefit from the top quality of the ingredient, to which the brand is particularly attached.

The excellence of the brand is at the heart of each product, where quality is guaranteed. This excellence is backed by Klorane's support for French manufacturing: harvesting, careful and meticulous selection of plants, extraction of natural active ingredients and manufacturing of products in France. Klorane's products find their heart and soul in the plants and French manufacturing that the brand holds dear. For its products, the brand makes it a point of honour to use active ingredients from French botanical research.

Other Klorane products for fine hair

Like all the brand's products, Klorane products are made up of components from plants selected with the utmost care—for powerful, high-quality, naturally derived active ingredients. The ingredients chosen by Klorane for its hair care products are gentle, sheathing active ingredients that do not weigh down the hair, leaving it soft and shiny.

Organic Mango or Cupuaçu for dry hair, Organic Mint for normal hair, Oats for delicate hair, Chamomile for blonde hair... all hair types will find pleasure and care in the Klorane ranges. Flax is a key ingredient in the formulas for fine hair care products. They make it a real solution for fine hair, providing the products with the powerful benefits of the plants from which they are derived. These ingredients offer softening and strengthening properties at the same time, creating velvety products that leave the hair silky soft, resistant and supple. In these products, your hair will find all the softness that it requires with these high quality ingredients, while its structure and fragility are respected.

If you have fine hair, you'll need a real fine hair treat to pamper it. Flax will be the ingredient of choice. It’s a delicate plant that contains fibres and an ingredient specific to its family: mucilage. Because of this interesting composition in cosmetics, flax gives the products it is used in a gel-like appearance. It’s because of this unique feature that flax will be your fine hair’s best friend. It will coat your hair with this natural and light gel without weighing it down—acting as a true ally in your care routine. Graceful and light yet powerful, this plant will provide your hair with both strength and lightweight, airy volume.

Products with flax fibre will provide real care for fine hair. They are packed with effective ingredients that act gently. To ensure this, Klorane has taken the best active ingredients from this plant to meet the needs of your fine hair. Apply to your fine hair to leave it detangled and shiny without weighing it down.

And due to the nature of your hair, it shouldn't coat your hair too heavily. As the hair is fine, the product you use should provide lightweight volume to your overall look. Flax is such a light and delicate plant that it will give your hair – perhaps surprisingly – the strength and volume it needs. Your fine hair will find just the care it needs in this generous plant.

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