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Identify your hair's true needs
with our personalised diagnostic tool
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Which hair care products should I choose?

Perform a hair analysis and get personalized recommendations in minutes with our hair analysis tool.

The hair analysis tool allows you to better understand the needs of your hair and set up an effective routine.

Different hair has different needs, and using the wrong product can have undesirable effects. For example, hair care products for oily hair are too harsh when used on dry hair and contribute to further drying out.

Designed by our hair experts, our hair analysis tool analyses your answers and offers you personalised recommendations for daily hair care.

To get your personalised hair analysis, simply answer our questionnaire. The information requested concerns your age, your main hair care problems and the appearance and texture of your hair. Your data will remain confidential and will only be used for diagnostic purposes.

Our algorithm will then study your responses to provide you with tailored recommendations. The whole process takes just a few minutes and allows you to discover the most suitable routine for your hair for free.

Klorane products and offers are available online via our partners and in any one of our 8,195 points of sale in France.

Factors that influence the health of your hair

Many factors affect the health and appearance of hair on a daily basis. Some of these are genetic, such as colour or waviness, while others are external. Pollution, humidity level, wind, sun, etc. All of these elements can damage your hair, especially if you are exposed to them regularly.

Your hair care routine also has an impact on your hair: frequent use of straighteners and other heated styling tools, chemical colouring and products not adapted to your hair's needs can damage the hair fibre.  

Understanding your hair's needs allows you to target all of your hair care problems and make the switch to the right products for shiny, supple hair. The hair analysis tool gives you personalised answers.

Hair analysis: choosing the right products for radiant hair

An effective hair care routine is the secret to healthy hair. If you choose products that are too aggressive or of poor quality, your hair will dry out, lose its shine and become damaged over time. Hair can also have the opposite reaction and become very greasy, which sometimes leads to visible flakes.

Hair care products made with natural active ingredients are much healthier for the hair. But you still need to choose the right active ingredients: a repairing treatment mask with Cupuaçu will be ineffective on oily hair, and an anti-hair loss serum with Quinine will not have much effect if you are not experiencing hair loss. Not sure which active ingredients are right for you? Our hair analysis tool recommends the best products according to your hair's needs.

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