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Tame unruly hair without damaging it

To deal with curly, frizzy or unruly hair, we need to learn how to take care of it without damaging it. Let the true nature of your hair speak for itself.

What is unruly hair like?

Taming your hair, whether it's styling, detangling or straightening it can sometimes be a mission impossible... But is it just a matter of having a bad hair day or is it related to your hair type?

There are two different types: 

Hair that is unruly by nature. Hair that is curly, frizzy or coiled is less elastic and tends to tangle easily, making it more difficult for sebum to reach the entire length of the hair making styling more difficult. This is also a common cause of dry hair. In fact, dry hair tends to easily become tangled because the hair cuticles cling to each other, and hair rips when removing these pesky knots. It becomes a real hair nightmare!

Hair can also become unruly over time, due to chemical treatments, excessive heat (straightening treatments or irons, blow-drying...) or repeated exposure to UV rays which cause alterations to the hair shaft and lift the cuticle. The hair subsequently becomes more porous and loses its suppleness. 

How can you gently detangle unruly hair?

It seems easy enough, but we don't always have the right technique for detangling our hair, especially when it's very dry.


The best time is after showering, while your hair is still damp hair and towel-dried. And of course, after using a conditioning and nourishing treatment.


To avoid "ruining" your curls or giving a "mousse" effect to curly hair, you should detangle it with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb, but never with a brush. To remove any knots, comb from the bottom and back up as you work up towards the roots.  

To prevent knots, you can also opt for a satin pillowcase to keep your hair hydrated during the night and avoid it becoming tangled. Sleep like a princess and wake up with hair like one!

Good habits

5 tips on how to get gorgeous curls

  • Moisturise your hair every day with a leave-in conditioner (day cream, serum or oil) to define curls and tame frizz.
  • Leave on a mask or oil all night long, once a week.
  • Cut your ends every 2 months to restore vitality to the hair.
  • Avoid using a boar-bristle brush, which are only suitable for straight hair.
  • Swap out your terry towel for a microfibre towel that will be softer on your hair and less damaging to your curls.


What’s better for taming my rebellious hair? Cupuaçu or mango?


Cupuaçu to restore

If your aim is to restore and nourish your hair, we suggest you use cupuaçu butter selected by Klorane. Responsibly sourced* from the Amazon, it deeply nourishes, repairs the hair fibre and makes unruly hair easier to style. Hair regains shine and health.



How do I care for my  curls?

Having pretty, well-defined curls that have a spring is a daily challenge. The cornerstone of caring for your curly hair is moisture, as curly hair tends to dry out more quickly than other hair types. We share our easy tips for gorgeous, tame curls .


Is it possible to blow-dry hair without damaging it? 

Although it allows us to change our look or tame unruly hair, blow-drying is also a practice that attacks the hair fibre. It's important to know the right techniques and products (with naturally-derived ingredients of course!) to maintain healthy hair. Find out how. 


Do you know how to care for your hair?

A good haircare routine should have 3 steps, after identifying the needs of your scalp and hair lengths.

Arnaud Laures, pharmacist

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