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Revive or brighten your hair colour with naturally-derived ingredients

Coloured, bleached, highlighted or natural hair... whatever the case may be, there are solutions to keeping your colour looking its best. Thanks to mother nature, of course!

How to maintain your hair colour with naturally-derived ingredients 

Shine is the visible sign that your hair and scalp are in good health. No matter what shade your hair is, you need to take care of it if you want vibrant natural colour.

It’s physics. For hair to shine it must reflect light like a mirror. This can only be achieved when hair is healthy, when the cuticles are smooth. A haircare routine adapted to your hair, without too many chemicals, can help bring back shine to your hair. In contrast, when hair is dry and dull, loose or brittle cuticles no longer allow light to bounce off it. At Klorane, all products are formulated to give your hair shine by tightening the hair cuticles and thus allowing sebum to glide along the hair shaft to give it a moisturised, luminous finish. 

How can I keep my hair colour looking vibrant?

Colouring, bleaching... With the advance of cosmetic products, you can dye your hair any colour of the rainbow (think of the #mermaidhair trend). The real challenge is keeping your hair healthy.

Chemical, plant-based, tone-on-tone, permanent or semi-permanent dyes... There's something for everyone, for every taste and every need: a new look, beautiful highlights, natural lightening or concealing grey hair. What all these methods have in common is that they sensitise your hair, especially when they use an oxidation process that alters its nature. Colouring can cause long-term damage to the hair fibre. We should try to maintain the colour’s vibrancy and prolong it as long as possible to be able to space out the colourings, and therefore the aggressions. We should avoid using sulphates as they can cause colour-treated hair to fade. 


The role of cuticles in the hair's radiance

Cuticles make up the outer layer of hair. Hair is made up of tiny scales which are protected by a thin layer of sebum that helps give your hair shine. The role of the cuticles is essential because they protect the cortex, which acts as the hair's "nerve", from external aggression. It is also the visible part of the hair, which gives it its shiny appearance and movement. When hair is in good shape, these scales are smooth and reflect light. In the case of dull or coarse hair, on the other hand, the scales lift up and absorb the light instead of reflecting it. If this happens you will you need to act if you want to restore shine and revitalise your hair colour.  

Good habits

5 tips to say goodbye to dull hair

  • Use plant-based oils to deeply hydrate the hair.
  • Rinse your hair with white vinegar mixed with warm water for instant shine. Make sure it doesn’t get in your eyes. 
  • Brush your hair every day: yes, brushing is not optional, it's the best way to clean your hair every day and make it soft and shiny again.
  • Eat a balanced diet to provide your hair with nutrients from within: fruit and vegetables for vitamins, meat for iron, fish for Omega 3.
  • Finish by rinsing your with cold water to smooth the cuticles and allow the hair to reflect the light better.


Which plant to choose for which hair colour?

Colour-treated hair: pomegranate We selected pomegranate for its natural tannins and antioxidants. Pomegranate bark extract gives coloured hair an intense colour and repairs hair that has become damaged from dyes. Colour is revived and protected, and it does not fade. Formulated without sulphates or silicones. 

Blonde and brown hair, highlighted or not: for 50 years, Klorane has used camomile and its natural lightening properties in its iconic range of illuminating products. The best natural ingredient to lighten blonde hair or add golden highlights to brown hair. 

Platinum blonde or grey hair: Centaurea the Klorane shampoo containing Centaurea, a plant pigment derived from a flower picked by hand and then dried away from the sun, helps accentuate the cold shades of polar blonde or bleached hair, it neutralises yellow tones and nourishes the hair fibre.

Camomile to illuminate and brighten blonde hair naturally

Camomile is Klorane's iconic ingredient. For over 50 years, our botanists have been harvesting them for their precious brightening properties. It's like hair gold for the whole family!



How to build a haircare routine that works for you

A good haircare routine should have 3 steps, after identifying the needs of your scalp and hair lengths.
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