Your routine for soothing sensitive scalps.

Paeonia lactiflora Pall

Peony products

Your routine for soothing sensitive scalps.

Take care of your scalp thanks to the effect of Peony, a plant used in traditional Chinese medicine for its soothing properties. Get an immediate feeling of comfort with our Peony products infused with a delicate and relaxing fragrance.


Soothe sensitive scalps

Does your scalp itch during the day? Soothe feelings of irritation and discomfort in an instant with our Peony range.


A soothing product to calm itchy scalps

  • Immediate and long-lasting comfort for 24 hours
  • Non-greasy, no-rinse formula
  • Easy to transport

Soothe your scalp with Peony, traditionally known for its soothing and anti-irritating properties, it is a plant that has been used in Chinese medicine since the 10th century.


Protect and balance sensitive scalps

Soothe and balance your scalp in the long term with our Peony products.


  • Gently cleanses, moisturises and detangles hair
  • Respects the balance of the scalp
  • Soothes feelings of irritation and discomfort

Get a balanced scalp and a lasting feeling of comfort with products enriched with Peony, and infused with a delicate and relaxing fragrance.

Soothing Conditioner with ORGANIC Peony

Peony Hair

Soothing Conditioner with ORGANIC Peony

Soothes - Detangles

A few words from our expert

The peonies used in Klorane's products are cultivated peonies, so their use does not endanger wild peonies: 100% natural good news!

Alexandre Panel
Alexandre PanelKlorane botanist

An approach in favour of biodiversity

Klorane to the rescue of Chinese peonies.

China is the world's peony "reservoir". Unfortunately, many varieties of wild peonies are threatened with extinction. The Klorane Botanical Foundation has joined forces with the Institute of Botany at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in a 3-year programme to save the endangered species. The aim is to reintroduce them into their natural environment.



Did you know?

Paeonia lactiflora was introduced to France during the First Empire, when the Emperor of China gave a collection to Empress Josephine.

Over time, its beauty has become largely popular and culminated in the 19th century among painters and collectors.

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