Blonde/white hair

Blonde/white hair

Every type of blonde has its own care products! What they have in common is that they all feature naturally derived ingredients that enhance the shine of your hair. For the golden blonde hair of the entire family, Chamomile will make it shine. For icy, platinum, grey and white blondes, Centaury will help bring out silver highlights.

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Taking care of your hair is important. Using a hair care product for blonde or white hair is essential to keep your colour looking its best. It's not just a matter of washing, detangling every day and applying a mask once in a while. No—caring for your hair requires a real haircare routine. The choice of shampoo is important, but so are all the special products that come after you apply shampoo, which are essential in order to guarantee the best care for blonde or white hair.  

Using a blonde or white hair care product

Choosing a care product for blonde or white hair requires an understanding how important they are. Conditioners protect, detangle and soften the hair fibre. Conditioner also has the power to leave the hair silky and shiny. It is useful because the hair is exposed to all sorts of aggressions on a daily basis. In addition to pollution, sun and wind, the simple act of combing or drying or the use of unsuitable products can all be harmful factors for the hair. Conditioners and all the products used to care for blonde or white hair are miracle products for your locks. As you use them, you will find your hair is stronger, softer and shinier than ever. For coloured hair, the use of a conditioner is highly recommended. As the hair is weakened by the dye and the maintenance it requires, it’s crucial that you use specific care. At Klorane, we make it a point to use ingredients of natural origin in our products. All our products are made in France and carefully selected to respect the nature of your hair.

Klorane, ranges with naturally derived active ingredients adapted to your needs

Our range of products for blonde or white hair is designed to pamper your locks. For blondes, you will find the renowned active ingredient Chamomile. It is the star ingredient of the range. Naturally brightening, it can accentuate blonde hair or bring out golden highlights in brown hair. You can find various products in this range: the shampoo, which will naturally brighten your hair; the conditioner, which makes detangling easier and leaves it silky soft. You can also find the lightening spray, which can be applied all over the hair, make detangling easier and leaving it soft. Finally, you'll fall in love with the shine rinse. As a final rinse, this miracle product has the power to smooth the hair cuticles and leave it beautifully shiny. Our entire Chamomile range will leave your hair shiny and radiant.

Grey or white hair also needs to maintain its shine. For this, a plant is needed: Centaury. It’s the active ingredient in our range for white and grey hair, but also for colour-treated blondes, as it helps to reduce yellow tones. In this range, the radiance-reviving shampoo eliminates brassy hues. Its gentleness makes detangling easier while its formula, featuring Cyano Centaurea (a plant pigment with bluish highlights), will enhance the hair with silvery tones and reduce yellow hues in both white and blonde hair.

The benefits of a conditioner for blonde or white hair

Conditioners contain moisturising active ingredients. This is what leaves the hair soft and easy to detangle. Its restoring action will act upon application and for two to three days after use. Over the long term, your hair will be protected, supple and radiant. In addition to this essential hair care product, sprays, serums and creams complement your care ritual. The combination of each of these products provides a complete care routine.

Depending on your hair type, we offer suitable care products that perfectly respect the hair fibre. Your blonde, coloured, white or grey hair will maintain all the intensity of its natural colour after using the various products in our range. To fully benefit from the conditioner, it should be applied only to the lengths and ends, which are the most damaged areas of the hair. It’s important to emphasise that rinsing should not be neglected.

To avoid suffocating the hair, you must rinse thoroughly. Conditioner is an effective method of hair care. It requires time, which is why there are alternatives with the products mentioned above. If it's not possible to apply conditioner after every shampoo, the use of a repair spray or cream can provide the benefits of conditioner. It's important to note that a complete routine remains the best way to most effectively care for grey or blonde hair.

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