Our organic Mint care

Our organic Mint care

The benefits of Organic Mint, with its essential detoxifying and refreshing properties, are available in a complete range of hair care products for hair exposed to city pollution. The hair is purified and rid of pollution particles. Your best ally to face the urban jungle!

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Everything you need to know about Organic Aquatic Mint hair care products

Organic Aquatic Mint is a very powerful active ingredient which offers multiple benefits for the skin and hair. Therefore, it’s very useful in cosmetics, where it’s used in the development of various care products, particularly for the hair. Its unique qualities make it an effective active ingredient for effective active ingredient for various hair concerns.  

But what exactly is Aquatic Mint? What are its benefits for the hair? And most importantly, what types of mint-based products should I choose?

To answer your questions, we've created the following short guide in which you'll find all the key information on Aquatic Mint.

What is Aquatic Mint exactly?

Aquatic Mint is a plant that originally comes from southern Europe. Aquatic mint particularly likes wet places where it will grow. You can find it near rivers, ponds, puddles and streams.

It was widely used in ancient times and until the eighteenth century because of its many medicinal properties. Among other things, it was used to relieve headaches and digestive problems. Over time, however, it was put aside in favour of other species of mint such as peppermint and spearmint, which are easier to cultivate.

However, for some years now, Aquatic Mint has been making a comeback in the field of cosmetics, where it is highly sought after. It’s now used in the production of numerous care products, whether for the face, body or hair. You will find it in these products in the form of mint extract or juice.

As far as hair products are concerned, you will find aquatic mint in shampoos and dry shampoos, as well as in conditioners or more targeted care products. Of course, you will have to select your hair products according to the nature of your hair and it's individual needs.

What are the benefits of an Aquatic Mint products?

There are numerous benefits to Aquatic Mint. This plant has a particularly powerful detoxifying and anti-pollution action. These properties will therefore prove very useful for your hair.

In fact, today, we all live in a more or less polluted environment depending on where we live. This pollution is not only harmful for our planet and our environment, but it also impacts our skin and our hair. The various fumes and dusts we encounter directly attack the hair fibre. In this way, the hair becomes clogged by pollution and suffocates.

This is where Aquatic Mint will be able to provide its full effect. Numerous studies have shown the depolluting abilities of this plant, which can rid the water in which it lives of toxic algae.

This will not only detoxify your hair but also protect it throughout the day. Its refreshing properties will also help to deeply cleanse your scalp. Thanks to Aquatic Mint, your hair will be in perfect condition, feeling healthier and more lightweight.

Discover the Klorane Organic Aquatic Mint hair care range

For several decades, Klorane has been striving to offer you the best in cosmetics. We are attentive to your desires and regularly develop new ranges to meet all your needs. We want to offer you quality care, which is why we select natural active ingredients renowned for their properties and effectiveness. We are also very careful about the manufacturing process of our cosmetics, which is why we design all our products in France. Sustainability is also particularly important in our approach to cosmetics. For this reason, for several years now we have been advocating for sustainable cosmetics that respect the environment and living beings.

Our Organic Aquatic Mint hair care range is made from Organic Mint grown in the Tarn region of France. We extract a very pure juice thanks to which we develop new detoxifying formulations—all in a short supply chain within a radius of 50 kilometres.

You can opt for the detox shampoo, which will allow you to deeply clean your hair and rid it of pollution. Your scalp will be purified and will be able to breathe freely again. In between shampoos, you can refresh your hair with the Detox Dry Shampoo. This product will give your scalp an icy effect and will clean your hair in just two minutes.

You can also provide your hair with more intense care with the natural Mint extract in the conditioner. This will help protect your hair in the long term by forming a sort of anti-pollution shield.

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