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POLLUTED SCALP The amazing anti-pollution properties of water mint

When your scalp is tired, dry and irritated and your hair dry or dull, a scalp pampering session is required. When it comes to purifying, water mint works wonders! Recognised for its unparalleled anti-polluting properties, it helps to get rid of pollutants that suffocate hair, and gives it a healthy boost. Both men and women can benefit from a pampering the scalp!

Is water mint for me?

Water mint has many benefits, and when it comes to haircare it’s recommend if:

- You live in the city (a high pollution environment) 

- You’re looking for a quick burst of freshness (after the gym, for example) 

It’s not recommended for:

- Children

- People with dry and sensitive scalps


The benefits of water mint

The pure water mint juice, organically grown by Klorane, has scientifically proven anti-polluting properties for hair.

Water mint or mentha aquatica is a perennial plant with a characteristically strong minty scent. It can be found in humid areas, along rivers and streams. Traditionally used throughout the world for centuries for its various refreshing, antiseptic and stimulating properties, our botanists selected the mentha aquatica L plant for its high content of polyphenols that offer proven antioxidant benefits. It is grown on Klorane’s own land, in the southwest of France, to guarantee the highest quality and efficiency.

How can you enjoy the benefits of water mint through Klorane?

We cultivate and harvest water mint organically on our own land and in a short supply chain. This allows us to extract a pure juice bursting with active ingredients, providing our skincare range with powerful anti-polluting action.
In an anti-pollution shampoo made with naturally-derived ingredients that cleanses without causing dryness

In an anti-pollution shampoo made with naturally-derived ingredients that cleanses without causing dryness

A biodegradable* cleansing base formula that removes 97% of all impurities and pollution particles on the hair and scalp.

*According to test OECD 301B

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In a protective balm with an anti-pollution "shield" effect

In a protective balm with an anti-pollution "shield" effect

Water mint is combined with a moisturising complex that protects not only the lengths but also the scalp that is dried out by pollution.

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A few words from the foundation

Given that the quality of water and its protection are two major challenges facing our society, we have teamed up with the Laboratoire de Chimie Bio-Inspirée et d’Innovations Écologiques to study the anti-pollution power of water mint and create a completely natural plant filter to clean polluted water.

Stéphanie LambeyKlorane Botanical Foundation

What people are saying

Once you try it, you’ll love it! I love the fact that its minty scent is slightly more mild and sweeter than "classic" mint, and that it envelops the hair in a pleasant fragrance. It also has a great purifying and refreshing effect between washes and leaves no residue at all.

Aline32 years old


Does it have benefits for the skin too?


Water mint has proven effectiveness in protecting squalane (the main component of sebum) subjected to stress from the ozone. Especially since we are comparing the level of activity of a plant extract, water mint, with that of a pure molecule, designed specifically for this activity.

Sebum is present in both the hair and skin. Therefore, water mint can also benefit your skin!



The wonders of nettle

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