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OILY ROOTS The oil reducing powers of nettle

If you only know nettle as a stinging plant you should avoid, then you'll be surprised by its incredible benefits, especially when it comes to oily hair. Organically grown in Europe and part of our eco-responsible* haircare range, it’s perfect for hair in need of a boost of freshness!

Who should use nettle?

Nettle has many benefits, and when it comes to haircare it’s recommend if:

- You have an oily scalp

- You experience temporary hair loss

- You have visible flakes

It’s not recommended for:

- Children

- People with dry and sensitive scalps

The benefits of nettle

This plant is used for its purifying, revitalising and astringent properties.

It’s truly amazing! Its medicinal properties make it an essential plant in phytotherapy. Of Eurasian origin, nettle has been used throughout the centuries to treat everyday ailments as well as skin conditions.

Nettle root makes an excellent tonic for the scalp, it helps reduce excess oil, promotes stronger hair and combat oily flakes.

A few words from our botanist

Nettle is an amazing plant. This stinging plant radically transforms when picked, gently and efficiently purifying the scalp.

Alexandre PanelKlorane Botanist

How can you enjoy the benefits of nettle through Klorane?

Whether you want to cleanse your scalp or refresh your greasy roots, Klorane has a solution thanks to the oil reducing powers of organic nettle.
A sebo-regulating shampoo containing organic nettle extract

A sebo-regulating shampoo containing organic nettle extract

The shampoo that allows you to cut back on washing! The oil reducing properties of organic nettle help purify the scalp. We recommend a 3-week use of product for long-lasting effectiveness on oily scalps. 

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Organic nettle and absorbent powders for an instant boost of freshness

Organic nettle and absorbent powders for an instant boost of freshness

This dry shampoo contains dry nettle that acts as a sebum blotter for greasy hair, leaving the roots looking fresh and clean in just a few seconds.

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What people are saying

To begin with I was a bit wary... this may sound silly, but I thought it would feel itchy. But now I can’t live without it! It’s the best remedy for my oily scalp.

Léa26 years old

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What’s best for purifying the scalp? Nettle or water mint?

Water mint, nature’s detoxifier

Water mint, used by botanists at Klorane, is known for its high concentration of antioxidants. Its purifying and detoxifying powers are applied to a tailor-made haircare routine designed to naturally depollute and cleanse the scalp.

Oily scalp? Nettle to the rescue!

Nettle reveals its sebum-regulating properties in a wide range of Klorane hair products created to restore balance to your scalp. This organically grown plants acts as a “blotter” to absorb excess sebum while respecting the scalp’s PH.

The anti-polluting powers of water mint

Klorane botanists have chosen Mentha aquatica L due to its high concentration of antioxidants. Derived from organic farming, its anti-pollutant properties are scientifically proven, making it perfect for your scalp.



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