My herbarium Monoï & Tamanu, natural protection from Polynesia

Indissociable from traditional Polynesian culture, Monoï and Tamanu have ventured across the oceans to infuse Western cosmetics with their benefits. An ancestral preparation of tiare flowers and coconut oil for Monoï, and the fruits of a mystical tree on the shores of lagoons for Tamanu, these two treasures of nature have been combined to protect our skin and hair from the after effects of the sun. Eva Dumaine, botanist, tells us about plants in her own words. And exceptional naturally derived active ingredients.


Few scents make me want to travel and take me away like those of Tahitian Monoï. Some people can get back to sound of the surf by listening to sea shell, but all I need is a few drops of Monoï on my wrist to take me back to the Leeward Islands under a coconut tree. I ask everyone I know who travels to Polynesia to bring me back a bottle!


A duo of Pacific icons 

A true signature of French Polynesia, Monoï de Tahiti is a controlled appellation, the legacy of ancestral practices. Obtained by macerating twelve freshly harvested Gardenia tahitensis buds in a litre of Cocos nucifera oil for twelve days, Monoï is the most traditional Pacific Island beauty product. A sensory oil, it nourishes the skin and protects it from drying out from sun exposure thanks to its high fatty acid content. 

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Tamanu may be less well known in western countries but it is an unmistakable feature of the Oceanic landscape. Nicknamed " the green gold of the Pacific ", this tree can grow up to 20 m high and its wood is particularly sought after for constructing pirogues and furniture. Its fruits are dispersed by ocean currents, which explains why it can be found on beaches all over the Indian Ocean, as far as the coast of Zanzibar. An oil is extracted from its kernels which is reputed to have antibacterial, antioxidant and restoring properties. It can also be used to protect traditional tattoos.


The summer shield

At Klorane, we chose to combine the two in our sun care range for their complementary actions. Monoï de Tahiti AOC penetrates the hair to nourish and protect the fibre from sun, wind or salt. It also nourishes the upper layer of the epidermis and helps the skin restore. Organic Tamanu oil, thanks to its film-forming properties, maintains the integrity of the hydrolipidic film on the surface of the hair and skin to fight against moisture loss. Together, they help protect, nourish and restore skin and hair. A shield that lets you enjoy sunny days without any worries!

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