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Embark on the adventure of a vegetable patch

Many of us dream of having our own little vegetable garden: eating our home-grown tomatoes and strawberries, adding a few delicious herbs from the garden to the meals we prepare... All of this is possible, even for those who live in flats!

Which massage for which benefits?

A good massage is something we’re all dreaming of right now! Whether it’s for relaxation or for relieving pain and fatigue, discover the different massage techniques that can be performed at home.

Tips to get festival ready!

Summer: the season of open-air festivals! Whether you’re going to Glastonbury, Coachella, Dour Festival or the Isle of Wight, discover our 7 beauty, make-up and lifestyle tips for a fantastic festival experience this summer!

Does Lemon juice really lighten hair?

Natural highlights from the sun are one of the many perks of going on holiday. You may have heard of a few tips and tricks to make sure that you get the best results. We decided to do some digging to find out if these are fact or fiction....


In honour of celebrating Earth Day we want to take the opportunity to take a look at our eco-responsible initiatives that are paying off..