Aquatic Mint

This perennial plant with a strong, characteristic mint scent is also known as the "balm of the rivers". It grows abundantly in moist soils, along streams and rivers, making it an indicator of the presence of water. It flowers from July to October.

Also known as "river balm"

Mint is traditionally used throughout the world for centuries for its many properties, refreshing, antiseptic and stimulating. More recently it is used in phyto-purification of wastewater basins

Mentha aquatica L.

Aquatic mint is grown on our own land in Gaillac in southwest France using organic farming methods.



Aquatic Mint with it's demonstrated depolluting properties on the scalp explored by our Klorane experts and on freshwater by Tsinghua University in China supported by Klorane Botanical Foundation.


The environment with an eco-responsible project combining organic agriculture and the manufacturing of the products. And the fresh water, supported by The Klorane Botanical Foundation who founded a project depolluting contaminated waters using aquatic mint, in the South West of France.


The proven antipollution properties of Aquatic Mint were discovered by expert botanists in southwest France. They developed a shampoo and conditioner with a natural and biodegradable formula to share the benefits of this plant with the rest of the world.

The Klorane selection


Detox, Anti-pollution
This fresh shampoo deeply cleans and removes pollution particles.


Protection against pollution
True anti-pollution "shield", this 2-in-1 treatment protects the hair while detangling the lengths.
Shampooing Sec Menthe Aquatique

Detox and Refresh

Refreshing detox
This urban dry shampoo provides intense freshness, an invisivle finish and anti-pollution effectiveness. Perfect for on-the-go and post-workout.