CONSCIOUS BEAUTY Are you sorting or slaving away?

Recycled, recyclable, sorting rubbish is a real endeavour for the environmentally conscious! But the circular economy and the end-of-life of our favourite products are at the heart of the most important environmental efforts. So, here's a little guide to help you make sense of it.

We have all been confronted with the same problem: our good will to sort better and help recycling takes a blow once we stand in front of the bin, our eyes lost between the acronyms, in a cold sweat at the idea of collapsing an entire chain just by making the wrong choice. Because yes, it all seems very complicated. So much so that a very small percentage of materials that could be recycled actually are! But relax, the future of our collective waste doesn’t only rest on your shoulders!


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Although the difference between recyclable and recycled is still so great, it is because there is a gap between the two caused by three factors: the design of packaging, which often mixes several materials that can be recycled individually, but whose combination makes the finished product unsuitable for recycling; the development of chains that are struggling to catch up with the rate of packaging production; and finally, consumer information, which is often not very clear and prevents us from efficiently sorting.



Some ways to act!  

- You can intervene a step ahead:

By choosing recycled packaging, i.e. packaging for which the good deed has already been done, as it has been designed with a certain percentage of recycled materials

- Understanding and using logos:

In your power as a consumer, you can choose products with recyclable packaging that you know what to do with.

- Eco-design: 

You can choose products with packaging that has been specifically designed to be recycled. This is the case with Klorane products, which we are increasingly offering with recycled packaging. The Pierre Fabre Green Impact Index (based on production of products in France), with its easy-to-read ABCD rating, gives you a precise idea of the product's environmental impact, from the biodegradability of its formula to the end life of its packaging

- The goal? No waste:

Finally, don't forget that the best waste is the one you don't produce, so adopt responsible consumption habits by limiting unnecessary packaging and favouring reusable options whenever possible!

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