Known for its repairing and protective properties on sun-exposed hair.

Everything you need to know about our Monoï

Our Tahitian monoi is a subtle combination of two plants from the Polynesian coast. Escape with the unique fragrance- a true concentrate of sensuality and softness.
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NAME  Monoi and Tamanu

PART USED  Tiaré flower and coconut fruit

BOTANICAL NAME  Gardenia taitensis dc. and Cocos nucifera l.

FORM  Refined oil

INCI NAME Gardenia taitensis dc. and cocos nucifera l. oil


HARVEST All year round

SECTOR Conventional and organic


What does it look like?

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Tiaré flowers are the symbol of Polynesian beauty and the national emblem of the islands. It is a small shrub that keeps its leaves all year round and gives off a strong jasmine scent. It can grow up to 4 metres tall with its white petals arranged in a helix shape.
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The tamanu tree can grow up to 20 metres high and is a source of mystical powers for the Polynesians. Its wood is used for the construction of canoes, small boats, furniture and other objects.
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Known for centuries in Polynesia for its protective and regenerating properties, Tamanu oil is used for burns, skin diseases and to protect traditional tattoos.
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The leaves are used to produce Tamanu oil, or as it is known, " the oil of a thousand virtues " or " Pacific green gold ". Its colour varies from light to dark green and its smell is similar to that of walnuts.


Why is it so good for hair or skin that has been exposed to the sun?

Monoi is not found in nature, it is obtained by macerating 12 Tiaré flowers in a litre of coconut oil. This traditional, but also a sacred, sensory oil has a unique floral fragrance and moisturising, protective and repairing benefits.

The combination of monoi and tamanu creates a plant complex with nutri-repairing properties that preserves the beauty of the hair and skin when exposed to the sun: they nourish and provide anti-oxidant protection. These Polynesian active ingredients are included in eco-designed filters where its non-toxicity has been scientifically tested by an independent laboratory.

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A few words from our expert

Monoi and Tamanu protect and repair your skin while we protect the lagoons of Polynesia.

Alexandre Panel
Alexandre PanelKlorane Botanist


Our commitment

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Social commitment

For 50 years, we have been harvesting monoi in Tahiti with respect and support for the local population.
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Respect for the environment

These formulas were developed with respect for marine ecosystems in mind. Klorane Botanical Foundation has joined forces with the CRNS to implement a phyto-depollution program aimed at protecting the aquatic resources of Polynesia.

Preservation of the marine ecosystem

Klorane is using research to preserve the marine ecosystem of Polynesia

Klorane Botanical Foundation has joined forces with the CNRS to develop a method of depollution using plants (phyto-depollution) which helps to protect the aquatic resources of Polynesia. Pollution is linked to the use of pesticides for the intensive cultivation of pineapples, representing an important economic resource for the island. During the southern summer, heavy rains flow down the hills into the river which then flows into the lagoon threatening the ecosystem of flora and fauna.


Did you know?

According to custom, every new arrival is given a tiaré necklace, Polynesian women wear it in full bloom in the hollow of the ear, while men wear it only as a button. A word to the wise, it is a sign of celibacy if the flower is worn on the right...

Discover the Monoi & ORGANIC Tamanu range

A complete sun care range with organic Monoï & Tamanu, available in sun care and after-sun care for the face, body and hair.

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Discover our active botanical ingredients

Klorane has been taking care of you and nature for over 50 years.

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The Centaurea cyanus, known as cornflower, is included in the European pharmacopoeia for its soothing and decongesting properties.

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We have chosen Calendula to gently introduce babies to the benefits of nature, while taking care of their fragile skin with its soothing properties

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Grown in the Amazon, Cupuaçu is a star ingredient. A butter with exceptional nutritional power is extracted from the Cupuaça fruit.

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Aquatic Mint

Aquatic Mint is known for its anti-pollution properties on the scalp.

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The Prunus amygdalus dulcis almond that we have selected is a concentrate of protein-rich amino acids whose properties strengthen the structure of the hair to provide softness and shine.

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One of our favourite active ingredients at Klorane, particularly for its richness in carbohydrates, lipids and vitamins which give it moisturising, softening and protective properties.

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Charming and abundantly flowering, we have chosen nasturtium for its powerful purifying properties that help reduce dandruff.

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Hand-picked pomegranate bark is dried in the sun to concentrate its active ingredients, we then derive a patented extract with fixative properties.

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We have selected flaxseed for its rich mucilage, a true reinforcement that naturally lifts the hair.

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We selected mango because it is richness in nutritious fatty acids. Our experts extract a rich butter from the kernel that deeply nourishes and hydrates dry hair.

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We chose Chamomile because of the yellow pigment found in its flowers, which has lightening properties.

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The olive tree

Klorane chose the olive tree for the exceptional anti-ageing properties of its fruit. The olive tree has been a symbol of resistance and longevity since antiquity.

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Nettle was used in traditional medicine for its astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. The roots of the nettle contain an abundance of natural sebum-regulating active ingredients.

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Klorane has chosen the Chinese Peony, valued in traditional medicine for its soothing effect, relaxing fragrance properties

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Quinquina, a tree native to South America, was brought to Europe in the 17th century. Quinine is extracted from its bark and was traditionally used as a tonic and astringent.

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The citron

The citron that we cultivate under the Corsican sun offers incredible purifying, clarifying power to hair that gets greasy quickly.

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