Ingredients Almond

Known for its moisturising and softening properties.

Everything you need to know about our almonds

The Prunus amygdalus dulcis almond that we have selected is a concentrate of protein-rich amino acids whose properties strengthen the structure of the hair to provide softness and shine.

NAME  Almond


BOTANICAL NAME  Prunus amygdalus dulcis

FORM  Almond oils

INCI NAME Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil



SECTOR Conventional


What does it look like?

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The sweet almond tree is thought to have originated in America and Azerbaijan, it belongs to the Rosaceae family and it grows 4 to 12 metres high.
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Its flowers grow well before the leaves, veiling each branch in white like a wedding dress. It can live for up to 100 years.
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It is the first fruit tree to bloom at the end of winter. It produces fleshy stone fruits containing the precious edible almond. The almond tree was one of the first trees to be domesticated by man. In Greek, " amygdalon " and in Latin " amandula " mean " divine gift ", " rare and precious good ".


Why is it so effective for your hair?

Sweet almond is mainly used today in food. Very rich in lipids and proteins, it contains many minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Its benefits speak for themselves, as attested by the Provençal proverb " healthy as an almond "! Its benefits also extend to the hair: the fatty acids that make up sweet almond oil, oleic (Omega 9) and linoleic (Omega 6), help to strengthen the lipid barrier for maximum nutrition. They ensure good skin hydration thanks to their film-forming and protective properties by coating hair fibres to make styling easier. The effects of almond provide so much hold that the shampoo is able to neutralise static electricity!

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A few words from our expert

Each plant has its own benefits for the skin or hair, in the case of almond, it has natural softening properties thanks to its rich protein and amino acid content that we have demonstrated!

Alexandre Panel
Alexandre PanelKlorane Botanist

What about the planet?

Respect for the environment

As part of our Clean Beauty approach, we still continuously review our formulas with ingredients that we consider less harmful. We switched from almond milk to almond oil to avoid the use of Propylene Glycol.

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Towards a cleaner beauty

Our efforts to improve our almond-based formulas 

In the past we used almond milk with almond extract, peptides, which was mixed with propylene glycol. These peptides are charged ionic molecules that bind to the hair and close the damaged scales. Nowadays, thanks to research, we have become aware of the negative effects of certain components, such as Propylene Glycol. We have therefore chosen to replace milk with sweet almond oil, whose oleic and linoleic acids are not charged with ions and act naturally to moisturise, soften and strengthen the hair shaft.


Did you know?

In Greek mythology, the almond tree is a symbol of love. Phyllis, daughter of the king of Thrace, feeling neglected by her fiancé Demophon, went on a journey and took her own life. The gods, moved by pity for this eternal fallen love, transformed her into an almond tree with bare branches. On his return, Demophon found out and embraced the almond tree with great sadness. This one was instantly covered in numerous fragrant white flowers.

Discover our Shampoo with Almond Milk

Discover our Shampoo with Almond Milk

Naturally gentle, it provides softness, shine and hold for all hair types.

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Discover our active botanical ingredients

Klorane has been taking care of you and nature for over 50 years.

kl_cornflower_active-ingredient_field_plant_2020-38- 265x265


The Centaurea cyanus, known as cornflower, is included in the European pharmacopoeia for its soothing and decongesting properties.

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kl_calendula_active-ingredient_field_plant_2019 -42- 265x265


We have chosen Calendula to gently introduce babies to the benefits of nature, while taking care of their fragile skin with its soothing properties

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Grown in the Amazon, Cupuaçu is a star ingredient. A butter with exceptional nutritional power is extracted from the Cupuaça fruit.

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Aquatic Mint

Aquatic Mint is known for its anti-pollution properties on the scalp.

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Our Tahitian monoi is a subtle combination of two plants from the Polynesian coast. Escape with the unique fragrance- a true concentrate of sensuality and softness.

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kl_oat_active-ingredient_field_plant_2017 -9- 265x265


One of our favourite active ingredients at Klorane, particularly for its richness in carbohydrates, lipids and vitamins which give it moisturising, softening and protective properties.

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kl_brand-website_edito_19 265x265


Charming and abundantly flowering, we have chosen nasturtium for its powerful purifying properties that help reduce dandruff.

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kl_pomegranate_actif_picture 265x265


Hand-picked pomegranate bark is dried in the sun to concentrate its active ingredients, we then derive a patented extract with fixative properties.

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We have selected flaxseed for its rich mucilage, a true reinforcement that naturally lifts the hair.

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kl_mango_active-ingredient_stock_website_active-page -5- 265x265


We selected mango because it is richness in nutritious fatty acids. Our experts extract a rich butter from the kernel that deeply nourishes and hydrates dry hair.

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kl_chamomile_active-ingredient_field_plant_2019 -64- 265x265


We chose Chamomile because of the yellow pigment found in its flowers, which has lightening properties.

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kl_olive_ingredient_active_field -2- 265x265

The olive tree

Klorane chose the olive tree for the exceptional anti-ageing properties of its fruit. The olive tree has been a symbol of resistance and longevity since antiquity.

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KL_HAIR_NETTLE_Pictures_field_glove_2020 265x265


Nettle was used in traditional medicine for its astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. The roots of the nettle contain an abundance of natural sebum-regulating active ingredients.

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kl_peony_active-ingredient_field_plant_2019 -40- 265x265


Klorane has chosen the Chinese Peony, valued in traditional medicine for its soothing effect, relaxing fragrance properties

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kl_quinine_active-ingredient_field_plant_2020 -35- 265x265


Quinquina, a tree native to South America, was brought to Europe in the 17th century. Quinine is extracted from its bark and was traditionally used as a tonic and astringent.

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kl_citrus_actif_picture 265x265

The citron

The citron that we cultivate under the Corsican sun offers incredible purifying, clarifying power to hair that gets greasy quickly.

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