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Purify and mattify: the routine to combat oily skin

Sebum can sometimes misbehave, but it still plays an essential role for our skin. Let’s learn how to reduce it rather than trying to get rid of it completely, and purify our face in the process.

The role of sebum

The role of sebum

Sebum is an oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands attached to the hair follicles (present in the dermis). 
Not only does it help to keep the skin moisturised, supple and soft, but it also contributes to the skin’s balance of bacterial flora. In short, without it, our skin would be overwhelmed. It would be constantly subjected to damaging external factors and would never be properly moisturised. In short, sebum is essential, and we shouldn’t try to get rid of it, but rather reduce it, to keep our skin pure and natural. 

What causes excess sebum? 

Excess sebum is an imbalance caused by several factors. Knowing how to identify them is the key to learning how to reduce excess sebum.

Let's start by listing the main internal and external factors that cause oily skin:

  • Hormones, adolescence, stopping or changing contraception, the duration of the menstrual cycle
  •  Pollution
  • High temperatures, a humid climate
  • Stress, nervousness, strong emotions
  • An unbalanced diet, high sugar and dairy product consumption
  • Using the wrong cosmetics

These factors each have an impact on our skin. When you are regularly exposed to them, this can trigger the dreaded overproduction of sebum.

Why use aquatic mint to combat excess sebum?

Although not yet mainstream knowledge, aquatic mint is one of nature’s real treasures, not to mention a purification icon! At Klorane, we have chosen an organic aquatic mint cultivated on our plots in the South West of France. Its rosmarinic acid content grants it powerful purifying effects.
The result? Clear, purified skin, a glowing complexion and above all, a naturally matte face!

Good habits 

Our tips for stopping excess sebum

  • Eat a varied and balanced diet, rich in vitamins and antioxidants. 
  • Drink water throughout the day: 1.5L to 2L daily, not including what you drink with meals 
  • Avoid changing your beauty routine too often
  • Do not overuse scrubs and use gentle exfoliation to avoid over-stimulating the sebaceous glands.
  • Protect your skin from the sun so as not to disrupt the skin’s moisture barrier.

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For purifying: do I choose the purifying powder or the Stick Mask?

There's nothing better than the 3-in-1 Purifying Powder, which transforms into a light foam to effectively cleanse and remove dead skin cells, excess oil and everyday impurities.

The Stick Mask can be used as extra support in your oily skin routine, once or twice a week. Thanks to the combination of organic aquatic mint and clay, it deeply purifies and refines skin’s texture from the very first application. Bye-bye oily skin!

My skin is suffocating: I need a detox!

My skin is suffocating: I need a detox!

Do you feel like your skin can no longer breathe after daily heavy make-up and pollution exposure? Maybe it's time to give it a detox. 
Between good habits and targeted skincare routines, there are plenty of solutions to cleanse your skin from the inside out and give it back the radiance it deserves. Here, we share all our tips so you can easily enter detox mode!

Discover the Klorane anti-pollution routine
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