CARING FOR SENSITIVE SKIN Understanding sensitive and reactive skin for better care

Warmth, visible redness and itching caused by dryness at the slightest hint of heat or stress... Life for those with sensitive and reactive skin is not easy! Let's try to understand how it works, to better prevent sensitive skin.

Why does facial skin react?


Several factors can cause reactions when you have sensitive skin: exposure to the sun for too long, low temperatures, gusts of wind that whip your face... But it's not just the weather! As soon as stress rises, your skin feels it immediately. When a skincare product is too harsh or not suited to the skin's sensitivity, it could cause a reaction.

The cause of this hypersensitivity may be genetic or hormonal, or it may simply be explained by a particularly harsh environment (pollution or continuous contact with an allergen). Be aware of what causes your skin's reactions so that you know what to avoid to keep your skin comfortable.

Arnaud, pharmacist

His tips for soothing sensitive skin

If I had only one piece of advice to give, it would be to pay daily attention to restoring your skin. Choose skincare products that contain both a soothing active ingredient (such as Peony) and lipids (such as Argan oil) that will nourish and help restore the skin’s moisture barrier in the long term.

I recommend always using high tolerance formulas and taking the time to apply specific skincare products such as a soothing mask at least once a week.

Soothing Peony Mask

I leave it on once a week overnight; it does my skin a world of good. My skin is so soft and soothed when I wake up. I really can't live without it!

Léa29 years old

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