Find strength with Quinine & Keratine Spray


In the autumn, just like the leaves around us, many of us find a larger amount of hair on our hairbrushes, on our pillows and whilst under the shower. The temperature change can make our hair a little more fragile so create a dedicated hair routine to anticipate and slow hair loss. Klorane's full range of Quinine hair care is here to restore strength and beauty to your hair. 

Quinine will help restore your hair's natural strength.

We have selected the Cinchona bark, a tree native to South America, for its natural richness in Quinine, a molecule with fortifying and stimulating properties. The Quinine used in our strengthening and fortifying range is harvested by hand from trees that are over six years old, which is respectful of the surrounding environment. 

Our tips for use

Fini le gâchis ! Une noisette de shampooing suffit.


Wash with Quinine and B Vitamins Shampoo to gently cleanse whilst restoring strength and vigor to tired hair. 

Energie et vigueur.

Detangle and Strengthen

Follow with the Quinine Conditioner to detangle and strengthen hair, to restore energy and density.

Densité, croissance, resistance.


Slow down hair loss with Quinine and Keratin Strengthening and Fortifying Leave-In Spray. The quinine formula with Quinine-Caffeine complex, B Vitamins, and the plant Keratin fortifies and reinvigorates the scalp and hair.