Your intense moisturising routine to naturally awaken the skin.

Centaurea cyanus L.

Organic Cornflower Products

Your intense moisturising routine to naturally awaken the skin.

Start each day with a fresh and luminous complexion thanks to Klorane's organic cornflower range. With its soothing properties, cornflower water is the key to revived skin. Coupled with plant-based hyaluronic acid, skin is hydrated and plumped. Discover our organic cornflower face products for all skin types.


Gently remove make-up and soothe your skin with organic cornflower

It's possible to remove your make-up without drying out your skin! Discover Organic Cornflower Micellar Water, the essential product in your beauty routine.


Gently remove your make-up

  • Removes make-up effectively without rinsing
  • Immediately soothes and softens the skin
  • Suitable for contact lens wearers and tired skin

Discover our formulas with organic cornflower water, an active ingredient known for its soothing and decongesting properties, for naturally clear and soft skin.

Eye Make-Up Remover with ORGANIC Cornflower

Cornflower Face Eye Make-Up Remover with ORGANIC Cornflower

Removes make-up - Soothes

Waterproof Eye Make-Up Remover

Cornflower Face Waterproof Eye Make-Up Remover

Removes make-up

A few words from our expert

We have been using cornflower since 1967, a plant that is as beautiful as it is effective. The whole plant is cut and then hand-picked to obtain a safe, soothing floral water.

Alexandre Panel
Alexandre PanelKlorane Botanist

Our experts answer your questions

Known for its soothing properties, our organic cornflower helps to soothe the sensitive areas of the face. It softens, tones, and awakens the skin. We have chosen organic cornflower as the main ingredient in our face care products because it both moisturises the skin and restores radiance.

Our organic cornflower products are guaranteed to be free of silicones.

Like all water-based products, our organic cornflower products contain a minimum number of preservatives to prevent the proliferation of bacteria. The preservatives we use are known for their effectiveness and safety.

The cornflowers we use in our products are grown organically. All our organic cornflower products are vegan, with no animal-derived ingredients, and formulated with more than 90% natural ingredients (the other ingredients being essential for the effectiveness and safety of the products).

Our organic cornflower skincare products are 100% made in France and are produced in a short supply chain: harvesting and extraction of the flowers, preparation of the product, dermatological tests... All the manufacturing stages are carried out within a radius of 48km in the south of France.


Did you know?

Under its former French name of barbeau, the cornflower is the origin of the decorative " barbeau " motif.

It was a very popular pattern on porcelain and earthenware, especially the manufactures of Sèvres and Tournai, and was also favoured by Queen Marie-Antoinette!

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