Read blogger Shloka's pro tips on how to use dry shampoo!

Meet Fashion & Lifestyle blogger Shloka allias The Silk Sneaker and discover her top hairstyling tips!

With a strong sense of personal style and a yearning for creativity, Shloka Narang has been growing an online presence since launching her blog, The Silk Sneaker, in 2015. The Silk Sneaker covers topics in fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle.  All the while, Shloka is constantly encouraging her viewers and followers to see the beauty in daily life, making every moment a glamorous one!

In this article, Shloka is sharing with us 3 quick and easy hairstyles to add a touch of style to your best looks! Enjoy :)

"What do you think of when you think of dry shampoo? Personally, I think quick, easy, and good to go. Recently I realised that dry shampoo was also one of the most powerful styling tools I had in my arsenal. When your hair is a day (or two!) old, it's the best time to try out some brand new hairstyles to add a touch of style to your next look. Through all my experimenting, I settled on three that have quickly become my go-to looks but don't worry! They are still quick, easy and you'll be good to go in no time! I used a lot of hair accessories in these looks as I found that they sat better in my hair when I used my Klorane dry shampoo so this is also a great time to experiment with hair accessories! 

#1: An Easy Bun 

So, there is nothing chicer than a bun when you need an elegant look and fast. First, spray your Klorane dry shampoo onto your roots to get a clean look at the front of your hair. Then, spray the ends of your and push your hair into a ponytail. From there, wrap your hair into a bun and secure with a hair tie. Allow a few strands of hair at the front to be loose and finish the look with a fashionable headband. 

#2: The Twist 

This one is one of my favourites when I have a night out or a lovely lunch or dinner to attend. Take a section of hair from the front of your face on the right side (about a digit of your finger), spray with your Klorane dry shampoo, and twist. Once twisted, secure with a hair tie. Repeat on the other side. Then secure both twisted braids at the back of your hair with some bobby pins. Your dry shampoo gives your hair amazing texture, which makes these easy "braids" really stand out. Decorate with some of your favourite hair clips! 


#3: The Pony Tail 

The sleekest one of all and also the simplest, spray your hair with your Klorane dry shampoo. Then secure your hair into a high ponytail with a hair tie. Grab your favourite scrunchie and put it over. To really add that extra dose of fun, grab some bobby pins and stick them on the side of your hair. Don't have embellished ones? You can still use plain ones in gold or silver and create a criss-cross pattern!