Our values Conscious Care

Serving the environment, scientific progress and better living

By choosing  Klorane, you are participating in the Conscious Care movement

Mindful that our awareness of others and of our environment can be the source of great progress, the Pierre Fabre Laboratories brands, including Klorane, have collectively created Conscious Care*: working actively to create cosmetics of the future, which act consciously with regard to its entire ecosystem. In other words, a humanist movement committed to the environment, scientific progress and better living.
By choosing our products, you are participating in the movement and supporting many physical social and environmental actions to help make the world a better place. 
* helpful and committed care

100 %

of our new products are responsibly and socially designed* *

97 %

of our products are made in France

89 %

of our active ingredients come from organic plants or plants that no not undergo phytosanitary treatment

100 %

of our packaging will be made from recyclable, organically-sourced or compostable recycled materials by 2025* *

Preserving your body's natural balance

For 60 years, the Pierre Fabre Group brands have pooled their scientific expertise and their knowledge of nature to create dermo-cosmetics that are just as effective as they are good for your well-being. 
Our mission? To design products that respect the natural balance of your skin, your hair and your oral sphere, whatever their nature and their needs. 


To focus on the useful and essential

We select only the ingredients necessary for your hair's needs and at just the right amount. 
Based on the principle of " only what's needed", our Conscious Care formulas are designed and developed with minimal ingredients.


To prioritise the environment and sustainable consumption

Since 2019, 100% of our new product developed are responsibly and socially designed.* * By 2023, 50% of our entire catalogue will be designed in the same way. 

Reducing our environmental impact through packaging will help contribute to the fight against global warming.*
* Thus, by 2025, 100% of our packaging will be produced from recycled materials that can also be recycled themselves, organically-sourced or compostable at home. 
10% of our product catalogue will be available in reusable format (bulk, and eco-refills).

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A constant concern for transparency

By 2022, all our products will be rated according to the Green Impact Index, designed by Green Mission Pierre Fabre. It groups the environmental and societal impacts of a cosmetic product into band A, B, C or D. To participate in Conscious Care, our products must have a score of A or B. 
The Green Impact Index aims to be reliable, transparent and useful, to help us develop products that are more respectful of the planet and to allow everyone to make the best choices. 


There are 20 evaluation criteria

Some of these include: biodegradability and naturalness of the formula, carbon footprint, water consumption, organic farming, official certifications, CSR commitments..

Committed to being more eco-conscious.

Together, we work every day to achieve greater naturalness in our formulations. Today, 89% of our active ingredients are already developed from organic plants or that do not undergo phytosanitary treatment. By 2025, all our new formulas (excluding sun protection) will be designed with more than 90% of ingredients of natural origin, compared to 85% already seen in several categories today.

A commitment to local production and sustainable sourcing.

With 97% of our products made in France, we favour short supply chains, as with Klorane's Cornflower Water Cream, where the fields are less than 50km from the manufacturing site. And we support our supply chains in their efforts to achieve sustainable production methods. 

  • <p>Illustration credit:&nbsp;B&Eacute;AX</p>
    Illustration credit: BÉAX
  • <p>Illustration credit:&nbsp;B&Eacute;AX</p>
  • <p>Illustration credit:&nbsp;B&Eacute;AX</p>
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