Enjoy a Natural Christmas with your family!

Green Tips

At Klorane, we love Nature! Nature enriches our lives and provides numerous places for learning, adventure, and discovery for our children. We also love the holidays at this time of the year, and we welcome any opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends. This winter, we recommend trying to achieve a Christmas inspired by nature, make it greener than ever and bring a little bit more Nature into everyone’s lives !!

tuto écrire Noël avec des branches de sapin

1. Choose your tree!

Is it really possible to celebrate Christmas without a fir tree? Yes! We have several green options for you to choose from:  

If you can’t get your hands on a grand fir tree, choose a smaller potted tree that will be quite happy to stay on your balcony or in your sitting room for the rest of the year. Make it beautiful by decking it with 100% organic and recycled decorations – a brilliant activity to do together and why not stick on some Christmas tunes to dance to whilst you work.Or you can make your own tree. Put up some tape and fairy lights onto a prominent wall in your home and shape into that famous silhouette of a fir tree ... and voilà! Spruce it up with a few baubles and pinecones and that’s all there is to it!


Décoration sapin de Noël, guirlandes, nature

2. Handmake some Christmas decorations

Many of us tend to reuse our Christmas decorations year after year, but it’s sometimes tough to not be swayed by temptation and buy some more beautiful new additions. However, this year, we've found the ideal way to cut back and implement some brilliant family time. Make your own decorations! Get the whole family on board and give free rein to creativity! You can transform and recycle your finished toilet rolls by turning them into little Santa Clauses or elves. Or create some festive garlands decorated with red berries, cinnamon sticks, candied orange slices and pinecones. These decorations can also be used on the big day to decorate the Christmas dinner table - Leaves and pinecones, beautiful organic cotton ribbons, tablecloth made of white linen or recycled paper, pretty candles.

3. Organize an outside adventure in search of Father Christmas

As Christmas draws nearer, children can begin to get a little impatient. So why not take advantage of their curiosity and organize a Christmas treasure hunt! Put away the screens, tablets and cartoons! This year, it's decided, we’ll go for a walk! Organize a nature walk in the form of a treasure hunt. The goal? Find Santa Claus, or clues to where he is hiding... Spotting native and important plants and insects along the way. There’s no better way to develop your children's curiosity and imagination!

Chasse aux trésors, Noël, bottes en caoutchouc, balade
Klornae Christmas Food

4. Nature in the kitchen

Food is incredibly important at Christmas! Why not let nature inspire you beyond the traditional veggies on the main course. Create pretty shortbread biscuits to mark the place of each guest, why not use festive-nature shapes like Holly and Mistletoe. Or make some cupcakes filled with festive spices, whether for guests or for Santa Claus, everyone will love the kick of unusual natural flavours.


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