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Advice on beauty, lifestyle, make-up… 7 tips to get festival-ready

The festival season is here! Whether you’re going to Glastonbury, Coachella, Dour Festival or Isle of Wight, here is your essential festival survival kit to stay beautiful through camping and crazy crowds!

Conseils beauté, maquillage pour un festival

1. The 3-in-1 scarf

If you only take one accessory with you in your festival kit, make it this: a light scarf or sarong that is large enough to rest your head on while you stretch out on the grass and wait for the next performance. One that you can also wear around your shoulders as a shawl, in case it gets chilly in the evening or you need to protect your head from the sun! While you’re not using it, attach it to your festival bag, wear it is a belt, or tie it to your sweetheart to make sure you don’t lose them! A scarf is the ultimate festival accessory!

2. Sun cream: an essential

Shade is difficult to find at festivals, so you will inevitably be exposed to the sun. Focus particularly on your face and shoulders, which are always the first areas affected by UV rays. Remember to reapply at every set change! Sun cream is an essential item in your festival kit!

3. A quick wash

Festival weekends often require smart solutions for a quick wash! Top tip for camping: keep some multi-purpose baby wipes in your bag with you. Take them everywhere! In the evening, you can use them to remove make-up and dust, without needing to find water. Take a mini thermal spring water spray, which will be ideal to rinse or hydrate your skin during the day and keep your festival make-up looking great.

Sun cream festival

4.Dry shampoo to the rescue!

Do you want to know the secret to great hair all day at festivals, even if you’ve only slept for a few hours in a tent? Klorane dry shampoo, of course! A must-have at festivals, this magic spray will leave your hair clean after 2 nights in a tent. It also restores volume and texture whilst helping to secure your style: braids, flowers, or a headband... All achievable in just 2 minutes, and available in a miniature size, so, conveniently, you’ll not miss anything on the main stage!  


Maquillage festival

5. Glowing skin

Sun, heat, lack of sleep… throughout the festival, your skin will be put to the test! Make sure you prepare your skin by hydrating it before the festival. First of all, choose healthy, fresh foods, like cucumber, salads, melon and tomatoes. This will keep you hydrated throughout the day.

When you go to bed, after dancing all night, don’t skip removing your make-up! Dust particles, sebum and dead skin cells have been accumulating on your face all day long, so taking your make-up off is essential. Discover Klorane’s eye make-up remover, with soothing cornflower. The travel-size product is ideal to take with you in your bag. It makes removing your make-up a pleasure, even at a festival!

6. Great smell, solid form

To stay smelling sweet throughout the festival, take a little pot of your fragrance in a solid, alcohol-free form: perfect for your festival kit! Apply your favourite perfume to your wrists and neck before you go dancing!

 7. Festival shopping list

  • Mini Klorane dry shampoo, with oat milk or nettle: original version or special version for light to dark brown hair
  • Klorane wipes with soothing Cornflower, for a keep cleansing, efficient, without rinse.

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