Dry Shampoos For clean hair with extra volume in just 2 minutes without water!*

Avena sativa L. Urtica dioica L.

Leading dry shampoo in Europe*

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Klorane Dry Shampoo is ideal for cleaning your hair without washing it and guarantees naturally great-looking hair in all circumstances!

GENTLE FORMULA with Oat milk

All hair types
Gently restores volume and adds texture to hair. A genuine beauty secret that makes all hair styling easier.

GENTLE FORMULA with Oat milk

All hair types
Aerosol-free loose powder format Gently restores volume and texture to hair and facilitates styling.

OIL CONTROL with Nettle

Oily hair or hair prone to oiliness
Increases time between washes for hair prone to oiliness and regulates sebum levels for 48hrs** without a rebound effect.
Shampooing Sec Menthe Aquatique

Detox and Refresh

Refreshing detox
This urban dry shampoo provides intense freshness, an invisivle finish and anti-pollution effectiveness. Perfect for on-the-go and post-workout.

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Avena sativa L. Urtica dioica L.
Since 1971, Klorane dry shampoo has been making women's lives easier by restoring hair's volume and lightness between washes!
A unique combination of a plant extract and 4 ultra-absorbent natural-origin powders. Suitable for the specific needs of each scalp type.
Replacing 1 regular shampoo with 1 dry shampoo weekly saves 500 L of water per year person! **** Klorane Botanical Foundation is also committed to fighting soil degradation.

A routine with multiple benefits!

Klorane dry shampoo is very convenient and will quickly become your best ally: to go longer between washes, to save time, when water is not readily available, or simply to add volume for great-looking hair!

Discover all the everyday situations where you can use it: morning rush, sport, travelling, a romantic or business lunch, a hospital or maternity stay ...


Since water is a precious resource that we must preserve, Klorane has been supporting Klorane Botanical Foundation’s actions to combat the drying-out of soil through reforestation in several areas worldwide for over 20 years. >> Find out more