Spring clean your routine!

Natural Tips

After spending the whole winter wrapped up in multiple layers, it’s time to shed them and expose our bodies to the first rays of sunlight. Spring is the best season to start a new wellness routine! Here are 4 tips to put into practice now so you’ll look your best when the warm weather arrives.

 Add colour to your plate

The days are getting warmer and we are reintroducing fresh salads into our diet! Fruit and veg are good for your spirits and your figure, and what’s more, they can provide over 20% of your hydration needs. So, tuck in and eat them to your heart's content!

Feast on spring vegetables, like turnips, early carrots, beans, asparagus, or spinach ... you’ll get plenty of vitamins and fibre, and they’ll leave your skin beautifully fresh, healthy and radiant.

As for fruit, the avocado is making a big comeback in salads or spread over a slice of wholemeal bread. It contains vitamin E and zinc, both of which are packed with goodness. And don’t forget strawberries! They're a source of beta-carotene for beautiful skin, while their taste will delight your senses!

Walk yourself to well-being

Stow away your winter coats! It’s time to get moving! Why not try slot in a 30-minute walk outside every day. Walking will help to speed up your metabolism, helping you to maintain your ideal weight. But, how can you fit it in? If you take public transport, get off one or two stops before your usual stop to finish your journey on foot. Or, escape for a little walk during your lunch break.

Walking, at a good pace, five days a week, your body will build muscle mass, start to burn off some of its reserves and prevent the appearance of cellulite. Take advantage of these first few days of sunshine to restore your vitamin D levels. Relish in the joy of being in good shape and in good cheer. This too is what #feelgoodactgood is all about!

Lighten up your beauty ritual in detox mode

The change of season is a good time to adopt new beauty habits to take better care of yourself. First, use a good scrub to erase the marks of last winter. Next, try out new textures and fragrances in your skincare routine. Swap your rich, nourishing creams for fresher, lightweight gel formulas that are easier to wear. Plan ahead for the summer by using skin care products with sun protection (SPF 15 or 20), so you’ll only enjoy the positive effects of the much-awaited sunshine. Take advantage of this period of renewal to restore the strength and shine of your winter-weary hair! Do a treatment with quinine - it contains strengthening and stimulating properties for strong and healthy hair growth!

Plan your next vacation

Shake off the winter blues! June is ideal for planning your summer vacation; you’ll feel instantly more relaxed and fulfilled! And if August seems too far away, add some sunny highlights to your hair to help get you in the summer spirit. As soon as the first rays of sunshine appear, and all summer long, dark blond and light brown hair will develop beautiful golden highlights that naturally brighten your face.