5 hairstyles that are easy with dry shampoo

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When we think of dry shampoo, we think of pepping up our hair in a couple of minutes without water. But dry shampoo has many more virtues! #SaveWater, #SaveTime and also #SaveStyle!! The powders contained in dry shampoo can add volume and texture to your hair, making it the perfect product for trying out new hairstyles.


Here we show you 5 hairstyles that are made very easy with dry shampoo.

#1 Braids. 

Fishtail braids, Waterfall braids, African braids ... it’s not easy to keep your hair in place when you braid it yourself. Spray the dry shampoo evenly over your hair, then start by separating your hair according to the hairstyle you want. Dry shampoo adds texture, thereby preventing hair from slipping and it also helps hold your braids last longer. A good trick for getting natural waves the next morning !


#2 Low bun

Elegant and casual, this is effortless chic French style. It is easy to do with dry shampoo. With the airy, workable texture it gives your hair, all you have to do is fix it in place with 3 or 4 well-placed hairpins!

#3 Soft waves

Winter and summer alike, at the office or after work, soft waves are the hairstyle we never get tired of. So what’s the problem? It never stays in place long ... but dry shampoo solves that problem! Get your curling irons out and make a few waves at shoulder length. Then spray dry shampoo all over your hair again, it will loosen the curls and add volume. No curling iron? Instead braid your hair into two plats and then spray some dry shampoo. Wait until the braid has set, then free your waves. For a Malibu surfer hairstyle, alternate the direction of the waves for a more disheveled style. Finally, a wavy style that lasts all day! !


#4 The high ponytail

HThe high ponytail, is THE chic hairstyle of the moment. It’s easy to do but can quickly become a nightmare. Dry shampoo not only adds volume and texture to the ponytail, avoiding a “stringy hair” look, but also helps smooth your hair against the scalp for an immaculate result.  !


#5 Fringe

Fringes are very pretty but tend to get oily quickly and if you have fine hair, it quickly falls flat over your forehead. The secret of a well-shaped fringe that always looks its best is to apply a little Klorane dry shampoo by hand, followed by a quick blast of the blow-dryer. And you’re ready to go

Extra Beauty Tips + :

As a finishing touch, to smooth your ponytail, restore the naturalness of your wavy style or just add shine to any pretty hairstyle, while at the same time nourishing your ends, apply a dab of Klorane leave-in cream with mango butter to your lengths! This daily SOS beauty ritual nourishes your lengths and enhances the beauty of your hair.

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