6 good reasons to use dry shampoo

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Dry shampoo is so convenient that it will quickly become your best friend! With a hectic lifestyle and endless meetings, your hair also needs to be able to keep up! Dry shampoo can save the day when you're short of time or need to get volume back into your hair back. You can trust Klorane Laboratories because they invented Dry Shampoo in 1971! Since then, it has become an essential within the hair styling ritual but also a symbol of environmental friendliness! So, in which situations should it be used?

1) For perfect hair for every occasion

Dry shampoo is the go-to product when you need to clean your hair, but the possibility of washing, drying and styling is not available. Try spraying a little dry shampoo onto your roots after your lunchtime sports session to refresh your hair, no one will be any the wiser! It is also ideal if you're going out straight after work! Other uses: traveling, on planes, hospital or maternity stays, or any occasion when access to water is complicated.

2) To save time

Dry shampoo is a must if you are looking to save time. Clean and style hair in 2 minutes instead of 30. Klorane Dry Shampoo is the dream product for fast-paced lives or for when you’ve overslept! Don't feel guilty if you have no time for a perfect blow dry before taking the kids to school in the morning: just reach for your dry shampoo. It will allow you an extra 30 minutes in bed, to cuddle up with your family!


3) To add volume

When we think of dry shampoo, what comes to mind is pepping up our hair, but we often forget that dry shampoo can also be very useful for adding volume and texture. In fact, dry shampoo is also for styling. When sprayed at the roots, and worked in the little dry shampoo adds volume to fine hair !

4)Since we’re talking about styling, why don’t you try using dry shampoo to create a new hairstyle instead of your usual day-to-day style! It has the advantage of adding texture to your hair, which helps ensure your style stays in place all evening. So get experimenting with different hairstyles: waterfall braids, fishtail braids, wavy buns ... and tag #Kloranedryshampoo in your selfies !

5) Go longer between shampoos

Perspiration, pollution, transport: there are many reasons we are tempted to wash our hair every other day! But if your hair gets oily again quickly, it's a non-stop cycle. To calm your scalp, try Klorane dry shampoo with Nettle. It will help you go longer between shampoos and help your hair to resume a normal rhythm. Consider using it if you have just colored your hair: use dry shampoo instead of the first wash; no risk of color bleeding, it will set the color and make it last longer !


6) But above all, for the planet !

In addition to all these good reasons, dry shampoo is your best friend everyday if, like us, you want to take care of yourself and the environment. Since this product consumes less water during manufacturing and use, if you replace regular shampoo with a dry shampoo once a week, you will save 500 liters of water yearly. A small effort for you but a big gesture for the planet !

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