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Tinted dry shampoo with Nettle


To celebrate the launch of the new Tinted dry shampoo with Nettle, we hosted a masterclass in bespoke shampoo creation while guests also got to embark on an artistic journey of botanical painting. The event was hosted in Covent Garden, the attendees included elite influencers and journalists. 

Each guest painted a nettle using watercolour paint with help from our incredible botanical artist, Jennie Webber. They also got to create their very own version of Klorane Peony shampoo with our shampoo expert straight from France! 



Harvesting Cornflower

For 50 years, Klorane Laboratories has been extracting cornflower water from the Centaurea cyanus L. plant, rich in active ingredients with soothing and decongestant properties. It is blue gold for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers, guaranteeing beauty and safety. 

We cultivate Cornflower in Southwest France because of the area’s favorable temperatures and rich soils, in accordance with organic farming principles with AB certification, to help protect nature.

We harvest the flowers when they blossom, not a day too early or a day too late.


Soothing starts here!

Discover the new soothing product with Chinese Peony and a fragrance that is scientifically proven* to relax, for a scalp that has long-lasting, soothing comfort.

*Physiological measurements and behavior analyses on 22 subjects. 



Our towns are growing and greenery is gradually disappearing. We should refocus on nature and reinvest in our cities!

This year, for the second Botany for Change awards, Klorane Botanical Foundation invited the community of students studying botany, horticulture, architecture, and landscaping to re-vegetate our cities and lives by designing The City Garden of the Future in the Parc de la Villette, the largest park in Paris and the emblem of urban vegetation. A garden dedicated to the beauty and diversity of the plant world, which showcases the best change-through-botany initiatives.