The benefits of Chamomile, the high priestess of all blonde and light brown hair, are available in a complete range of hair brightening products. Enough to bring some sunshine into your life, even on rainy days!

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Chamomile, the flower of light that enhances hair

With its soothing and brightening properties, we have chosen to highlight chamomile in a range of hair products with naturally derived ingredients to care for blonde hair and to revive the golden tones of light brunettes. The yellow pigment apigenin contained in the pistil coats the hair cuticle and lightens it without damaging it. Klorane's expertise in this age-old ingredient is revealed in a range of Chamomile-based hair care products, to be discovered to bring some sunshine to your hair...  

Our Chamomile-based hair care products

Chamomile shampoo

A shampoo with an ultra-gentle cleansing base that gives volume to fine hair and brightens up golden hair. High tolerance for the whole family.


A conditioner to detangle and bring softness to your hair. A luscious texture and a signature fragrance for a moment of sensory well-being.

The benefits of Chamomile-based care products


Chamomile, or matricaria recutita, is a medicinal plant with many virtues that belongs to the Asteraceae family. With its fragrant white and yellow flowers, this plant is found throughout Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa.

Klorane's chamomile is grown in the sandy soils of Egypt, bathed in sunshine and Mediterranean sea spray. Harvested from May to September, then naturally dried in the sun, the quality of each plant is controlled according to a strict protocol (Pierre Fabre Botanical Expertise), which is part of a global CSR and sustainable development approach, to help the preservation of natural spaces and ecosystems, as well as the respect of the entire production chain. The plants are then sent to Gaillac, in the Tarn region of France, to the plant extraction site where the active ingredients are extracted, giving life to our range of cosmetic products. 

The benefits of Chamomile-based care products

A founding ingredient of the Klorane brand, chamomile is particularly appreciated in cosmetology for its ability to gently lighten the hair and bring out natural golden highlights in blonde and light brown hair. Matricaria recutita, a variety naturally rich in apigenin (a plant flavonoid with lightening properties), is the key ingredient in our chamomile-based shampoos and products. The essential oils it contains help to protect the integrity of weakened hair and provide it with shine and brilliance.

It is the perfect ally of blonde hair, which requires special care to maintain its lightness throughout the year. 

Chamomile is also used in herbal medicine in the form of flower head teas, essential oils, flower powders, mother tinctures, bud macerates or whole flowers. Stimulating digestion, a chamomile infusion, also called "manzanilla" in Spain, is consumed at the end of copious meals, or to calm intestinal spasms. Its bitterness, which can be explained by the presence of germacranolides, facilitates the production of digestive juices and saliva, and reinforces the action of the liver. Its antispasmodic power is also beneficial for women suffering from amenorrhoea.

Chamomile’s soothing and anxiolytic action helps people fall asleep more quickly, and promotes quality, restful sleep. Its use is particularly recommended in the case of nervous disorders, and to regain overall psychological balance.

A plant with multiple facets and properties, a versatile flower used since ancient times, chamomile is an essential active ingredient that can be used alone or in combination with others.

For more than 50 years, Klorane has been blending ancestral know-how and traditional methods with cutting-edge cosmetic technology in the purest respect for the ecosystem and the environment, to produce an exceptional Chamomile skin care range that is effective and pleasant to use for the whole family. Enjoy a comprehensive wellness routine, made in France, for healthy hair, a soothed scalp, and a radiant blonde colour.

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