My herbarium Nettle, an unexpected ally for oily hair

It stings, it scratches, it sneaks up on us from the furrows… few plants are as ingrained in our collective consciousness as the nettle! Although its natural defence mechanisms make us keep our distance, its multiple benefits, from cooking to cosmetics where it helps reduce excess sebum, have protected its reputation. This is the perfect opportunity to take a closer look at plants with botanist Éva Dumaine, who tells us about them in her own style. And exceptional naturally derived active ingredients.

Oh, the nettle... I quickly learned how to butter it up! Like everyone else, I was stung by nettles a few times before I figured out how to approach them carefully: by the stem, delicately moving upward along the back of its stinging hairs. After that, it was all downhill from there: from soups, pies, and salads, to herbal teas and decoctions, I preach the virtues of the nettle to anyone who will listen!

A tough cookie

Stinging nettle, or Urtica dioica, is found in moist, clay soils throughout the temperate zones of Europe and North America. Native to Eurasia, it can grow up to 2 m tall and forms colonies with its rhizomes. It is a bioindicator of soil health and is particularly fond of ditches and roadsides, the best vantage point to sting our unknowing calves!

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Nettles and the entire nettle plant have been used since ancient times and are a pillar of herbal medicine. Its leaves are consumed from Nepal to Poland: raw or cooked, they can be prepared like spinach and are full of protein and vitamin C. Medicinally, it is particularly sought after for treating gastrointestinal diseases, rheumatic pain and high blood pressure. Its astringent, cleansing and depurative properties make it a formidable ally for the skin.

Sebum for morale (and the scalp)

At Klorane, all of our care and attention goes to the root of the hair: it is at the heart of our purifying and rebalancing range for oily hair. Organically cultivated in Eastern Europe, nettles are selected for their roots, which contain an extract with proven effectiveness as a scalp tonic. This active ingredient with sebum-reducing properties is capable of limiting sebum in a localised area and preventing the hair from becoming greasy as quickly. It penetrates deep and cleanses the scalp without causing dryness and associated irritation. Who would have thought nettles could be gentle!

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