Ritual Oat milk

Avena sativa L.

Ultra-gentle, protecting

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We cultivate oats, in the South-West of France, whilst respecting the eco-system. We extract a moisturising, softening and protecting milk from the seeds providing protection and extreme softness for the whole family.


Extreme softness
Deeply washes delicate hair to restore extreme softness. High tolerance formula, use from the age of 3.


Detangling and moisturising
Oat milk helps to create light and soft hair, perfectly detangled after your shampoo.

« Give delicate hair a new lease of softness every day. »

Avena sativa L.
Avoine minute botanique gauche
Avena sativa L. (Oat) species for its exceptionally rich content in sugar, lipids and vitamins with softening and protecting properties.
Avoine minute botanique centre
Oat seeds when fully mature for the highest quality of active ingredients.
Avoine minute botanique droite
A range of extra gentle care, formulated following high paediatric tolerance standards for use from 3 years old.