Does Lemon juice really lighten hair?


Natural highlights from the sun are one of the many perks of going on holiday. You may have heard of a few tips and tricks to make sure that you get the best results. We decided to do some digging to find out if these are fact or fiction.

The acclaimed lemon juice method. Fact or fiction. We ask the question to our botanist experts, here is what they had to say...

Lemon juice is mainly composed of citric acid which is a natural bleach that will whiten hair giving it the illusion of being lightened... If you are looking for warm, golden highlights then lemon juice is far from the most effective and safest solution.

The acid in the lemon accelerates the process of natural lightening that occurs when you expose yourself to the sun. Although this technique also has its draw backs; when lemon juice and sun rays are combined, a chemical reaction occurs that will dry out hair and aggravate it. Citric acid attacks and opens the outer layer of the hair, making it dry and rough, which is what effect the sun naturally already has. 

« To lighten hair, mix lemon juice with water in a spray bottle and apply before going to the beach » False!

Hair is aggravated by the combination of the sun and lemon and may burn your hair. This may result in having to chop off split ends at the end of your holiday.

 « Lemon juice makes hair stronger and shinier ». False!

The acidity in the lemon juice will initially act like vinegar and with the first application may give an impression of a beautiful blonde colour. But in the long run... the citric acid will attack the hair fibre and damage your hair. Blonde hair is less rich in eumelanin which makes it less resistant. The combined action of the sun and citric acid accelerates the depletion of eumelanin in hair and causes it to look dull.

« Lemon juice makes it possible to lighten all types of hair ». Once again, False!

Citric acid only works on naturally light hair - light blonde or chestnut. If you have dark hair the effect will be at best orange... also be careful with coloured hair, the use of lemon juice may change your colour. 


So... how to get the glowing golden look this summer?

Opt for a more gentle and natural method with Camomile. Camomile lightens hair and makes the blonde look more radiant without the damage. It is rich in agipenine which helps to lighten blonde hair and give beautiful natural blonde highlights to brown hair. The natural pigments are fixed on the outer layer of the hair without penetrating the heart of the hair. 

The results will be more visible on light blonde hair but can also be used on brown hair for golden to coppery highlights. It can also be effective when you want to add the summer glow to dull hair.