The delicacy of Organic Flax, an essential ally of fine hair, is available in a complete range of care products for hair lacking volume. Thanks to its richness in mucilage, Flax will coat and shape your hair from the root.

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In the world of cosmetics, we use many plants, each with their own properties and benefits. Due to them, our skin, our hair and our health are improved and stronger. Their daily use is beneficial on all levels. The Klorane brand uses numerous plants carefully selected to respect the environment and the body's well-being. Discover flax.  

Flax: a plant with numerous properties for the hair

When you think of flax, you might immediately think of the luxurious linen fabric and beautiful clothes that are made from it. But fortunately for us, it is not just that! Flax flowers are used in cosmetic preparations and offer many benefits. The extract of this flower is an excellent ally in beauty routines. It is used for its moisturising and softening properties. With its scentless, bright blue flower, this plant lives for a very short time.

It only opens its petals for a few hours before withering at daybreak. Therefore to admire it, you have to be up very early in the morning. It is used for the well-being of the skin and hair in the production of certain cosmetic products. Flaxseed is also known to have many health benefits. At Klorane, this natural active ingredient has been selected to take care of your hair.

What flax-based products does Klorane offer?

As previously mentioned, flax can be used in various cosmetic products for its nourishing and softening properties. At Klorane, there is a specific flax-based range designed specifically to care for the hair. First of all, the flax selected by the brand is grown on our own land, in the Tarn region of France through certified organic farming. This range includes a shampoo, a conditioner and a spray. It’s important to know that the use of a flax-based product for fine or flat hair primarily helps to restore volume, thanks to the mucilages contained in this natural active ingredient. 

These mucilages will envelop the hair in order to thicken it. Klorane's flax-based shampoo will add volume, while maintaining an ultra-lightweight texture. Without weighing down the hair, the shampoo will provide natural volume and protected hair from the roots. The conditioner will make detangling considerably easier. Since it doesn’t contain any agents that weigh down the hair, it creates a naturally voluminous result.

The hair is sheathed, supple and feels silky. Finally, the volume spray with flax fibres. To perfect your style, we recommend using a product such as a styling spray to complete your beauty routine. This spray will loosen up the roots and provide more volume without weighing down the lengths. Don't worry about the texture—this styling spray doesn't leave the hair feeling greasy or hard. On the contrary, the hair is left feeling more supple and lightweight. Also, this flax-based product makes blow-drying easier and can therefore be applied before using a heated styling tool.

What are the benefits of a flax-based body or hair care product?

It’s not without reason that Klorane has decided to use this plant for to manufacture certain products. The benefits of a flax-based care product are numerous. For the skin, it is an everyday ally, as it leaves it soft yet firm. The skincare products will create a plumping effect on the skin. 

It therefore visibly firm and skin appears more elastic. Ideal in the winter, these products will help retain the water that the skin contains. This therefore prevents discomfort or even irritation due to the cold. It also has the capacity to slow down the signs of skin ageing by protecting the skin's natural collagen. For the hair, it will enhance it and provide volume and suppleness. Perfect for fine or flat locks, products containing this active ingredient will revive the hair. When used regularly, a flax-based product will allow the hair to regain its volume and suppleness naturally, without weighing it down.

It will therefore thicken the hair and improve its hold. In another forms including by ingestion, flaxseed also has many benefits. It also helps to improve the skin's hydration.

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