Dietary supplement

Dietary supplement

The ideal dietary supplement to maintain beautiful, strong and healthy hair with essential micronutrients to strengthen the hair fibre and slow down hair loss!

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What is a dietary supplement for the hair?

Hair loss; brittle, fine and dull hair... Your hair seems to lack vitality and you’d like to restore its shine, strength and beauty... Sometimes the usual hair products, such as masks, shampoos and treatments, are not enough. In such cases, hair needs to be cared for from the inside, with a diet adapted to its needs. Hair supplements are therefore the perfect solution. A real nutritional asset designed to nourish growing hair from the root, a good dietary supplement for the hair acts over the long term to restore strength, resistance and flexibility to the hair fibre.  

Our hair is subjected to numerous aggressions on a daily basis, which can lead to hair loss. Between colouring, sunlight, swimming in the pool, blow-drying, intensive brushing, tight hairstyles and sweating, the hair needs to be particularly strong and flexible.

Stress also plays a role in hair loss and weakening, especially oxidative stress. Worsened by fatigue, exposure to the sun or pollution, oxidative stress weakens the cells involved in hair growth. In the long term, the hair appears duller. It grows less quickly, loses its shine and is less resistant to pulling and friction. The hair falls out, breaks and loses its vitality.

Diet also plays a big role in hair quality. A diet rich in vitamins (especially B vitamins) and trace elements gives the body all the nutrients it needs to grow thick, healthy hair. Because it’s at the root – and therefore from its birth – that all the beauty of a single hair is at stake,

Klorane offers dietary supplements for hair to complement its hair care ranges. Klorane's anti-hair loss dietary supplements contain various micronutrients that are essential for the growth of strong, resistant hair. Hair that will be able to face the various aggressions it’s subjected to on a daily basis without losing its natural beauty.

KERATINcaps, a dietary supplement for stronger hair

Do you find handfuls of hair in the shower? Do you feel like you’re losing your usual volume? Does your hair seem thinner and to break easily? Hair loss is a widespread phenomenon that affects both women and men. The cause? Stress, a lifestyle that leaves little room for rest and self-care, but also a diet lacking in nutrients. Seasonal changes also play a significant role in hair loss.

To fight this and restore volume and strength to your hair, Klorane has created the KERATINcaps anti-hair loss dietary supplement. A real concentrate of micronutrients dedicated to hair growth and strength. In 3 months of treatment, hair growth is boosted and the hair fibre is strengthened. The hair is thicker, stronger and shinier. Used as a complement to the Klorane Force care range, this dietary supplement for the hair will allow you and your hair to make peace. You'll rediscover hair you can be proud of and that you'll love to tame!

Klorane KERATINcaps: a natural active ingredient for stronger hair in just 3 months

If you’re wondering why KERATINcaps are so effective, it's because this dietary supplement for the hair is a concentrate of everything that the hair needs:

  • Quinine, a natural active ingredient derived from cinchona, a tree whose bark was traditionally used by the Incas. Renowned for its fortifying and stimulating properties, it is the key ingredient in the formula. The Quinine used by Klorane in its KERATINcaps comes from Cinchona calisaya bark, harvested by hand in order to preserve all its virtues. The active ingredient resulting from this extraction, renowned for its high level of effectiveness, has been patented by the brand because of its unique powers.
  • Vitamin B3, which supports blood circulation and therefore plays a role in the supply of micronutrients to the hair roots.
  • Vitamin B8, known for its role in strengthening the nails and hair.
  • Vitamin B6, which is involved in the production of cysteine, an amino acid involved in the production of keratin.
  • Zinc, a trace element that helps prevent alopecia and helps fight against oxidative stress.
  • Selenium and vitamin E, two powerful natural antioxidants that help reduce free radicals and delay cell ageing.

Finally, KERATINcaps also contain pure keratin, which is essential for the creation of strong, resistant hair. Making up 85% of the hair, Keratin is a protein that smooths its surface. It forms a protective shield that restructures the hair fibre and enhances its shine.

Distilled in soft capsules, the effectiveness of this real elixir of youth for fragile hair is enhanced by the use of pumpkin seed oil, commonly used for its action against hair loss.

With just one dose a day, you give your body all the nutrients it needs to give you stronger, thicker and naturally more beautiful hair.

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