Everyday, Simple Water Saving Tips

Discover what actions our brilliant colleagues recommend to save water!

Let’s be honest. As much as you might want to, it is slightly impossible to solve the planet’s water crisis in one afternoon. As that well known supermarket says, 'every little helps'. So, at Klorane we asked our amazing colleagues what actions they are doing at home to help reduce their water consumption.

Meet the Team:

Marta G, Trade Marketing Team

I’m putting my laundry on shorter washing cycles, at a lower temperature, and making sure that it is pretty full before setting it off.

Sarah, Digital Marketing Team

I’m trying to reduce the time I’m in the shower. I’m using more dry shampoo nad washing my hair less regularly in general.

Marta K, Digtial Marketing Team

I am vegan 90% of the time. Consuming animal products is incredibly resource intensive. Globally, farming uses about 70% of the planet’s accessible freshwater. Even a small change in reducing your meat/dairy consumption means a lot!

Karis, UK Field Sales Team

I don’t waste running water - so I turn off the tap while I'm brushing my teeth or when I'm using soap to wash my hands

Benedicte, UK Sales Team

To reduce my water consumption, I have modernised my bathrooms by installing dual flush toilets and variflo showers!

Patrick, Trade Marketing Team

I make sure the tap is off when shaving and make sure the dish washer is full before it’s turned on as it uses lots of water!


Although the oceans are rising and there seems to be an unending amount of water in the UK. Only around 1% of water on the planet is suitable for human use . Therefore, we need to keep our water consumption in check to ensure there is enough safe, clean water for everyone.

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