Our best tips for saving water daily:

Good News

What if we all committed to save water together? Are you up for the challenge?

An average European consumes around 160 liters of water daily, which inflates to almost 60 000 liters yearly. This staggering amount can be broken-down into baths and showers accounting for almost 40% of water use, toilet use takes 20%, laundry 12%, dishwashing for 10% and the rest for food or domestic uses. Of course, water consumption can vary from one household to another, but it's important to reduce it, both for the planet and for your purse

would you be ready to make a small change to your daily routine? choose a challenge and make a big difference in a small way!

Water is precious and must be protected

Water is a key focus of eco-responsibility and one of Klorane's core commitments, in terms of how water is used, how it can be recycled and the preservation of water. Since 2012, all new Klorane products are formulated to be biodegradable and easy-to-rinse (to save time and, above all, water during each rinse). But our efforts do not stop there: Klorane supports the work of Klorane Botanical Foundation, which is committed to preserving water and preventing the soil from drying out. The Foundation participates in reforestation programs, like the UNESCO Great Green Wall in Africa where almost 80,000 date-trees have been planted to push back the against growing desertification. Also, other initiatives to improve sustainable-agricultural methods, notably in the Amazon region.

A challenge for everyone

Saving water is something we'd all like to do. Of course, there are the well-known habits to get into, like turning off the tap in between brushing your teeth. Other suggestions are turning off the shower while you're lathering up your hair with shampoo or letting a mask sink in and work its wonders. There are also simple practices you can adopt in the kitchen, the garden, and for general household cleaning: there’s a challenge for everyone! 

In the bathroom

On average, a five-minute shower consumes 60 to 200 liters of water. While solutions exist for saving water and reducing time spent in the shower (mixer tap, shower stop systems, timers, etc.), you can also take up the challenge in a much more enjoyable way, without the need for special fixtures or fittings... Choose a song that lasts under three minutes and puts you in good spirits. Sing it at the top of your voice and get out of the shower when the music stops. Finishing your shower while singing along to “What a wonderful world” by Louis Armstrong, which lasts 2'17", means you’ve reached pro level!

Also, why not find out about the Dry Shampoo Challenge! Try replacing liquid shampoo with dry shampoo once a week? In addition to refreshing your hair, it will soon become your favorite trick to adding texture and volume, and it will save over 500 liters of water yearly... Being eco-friendly while enjoying a pleasant, easy-to-use, natural product, this is what the Soul of Botany is all about!. 


In the kitchen

People often talk about saving rainwater to recycle it for other everyday uses. This is certainly one solution, but to be honest, not everyone can put it into practice, nor can it be done in all seasons. In need of a simpler solution? When you're washing vegetables – before peeling them to cook up a feast – be sure to save the water you washed them in. Your plants will be more than glad to drink it up!

And on an everyday basis?

Check you don’t have any leaks! We don’t always notice them but even minor leaks can use up considerable amounts of water. So, do a tour of your house or apartment, checking all pipes and joints: a leak repaired = water saved!!

Take the opportunity to embrace new habits in everyday life: drink tap water instead of from plastic bottles, buy yourself a reusable bottle (preferably made from metal) that you can refill all day long, and above all, remember to turn off the tap as soon as you’ve got enough!  

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