Pollution & Beauty : our hair is affected too

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Today it is particularly difficult to escape the effects of pollution and its consequences, especially if you live in a city. According to WHO, around 91% of the Earth's population breathe polluted air. Daily, we are exposed to a multitude of pollutants (ozone, heavy metals, etc.) produced by transport and industry but also by cigarette smoke and cooking fumes. Just like sun exposure, pollution is a major cause of premature skin ageing.


Effects of pollution on the skin:

  • Ozone gases, fine particles, heavy metals, and occlusive pollutants settle on the surface of the skin, quickly suffocating it. Free radicals settle everywhere: on our hair and skin, and even in our digestive and respiratory systems. In the short term, they cause us to feel less than our best: dull complexion, skin imperfections, limp and lackluster hair, overall tiredness, and shortness of breath.
  • Long term, pollution – combined with other oxidative stresses often present in our urban lives such as smoking, stress and an unbalanced diet – promotes premature ageing of cells and affects the body's natural regeneration process. Some studies suggest that 2 out of 3 wrinkles are said to be caused by pollution.

Although we are aware of pollution's impact on the health and beauty of our skin, we are less aware of its effects on our hair.

Much scientific research contains evidence to prove that pollution has a real impact on scalp health. Pollution increases oxidative stress, weakens the skin barrier, and increases scalp sensitivity. Faced with these daily aggressions, the scalp finds it difficult to grow beautiful, healthy hair. In the city, your hair is not at its best!

To protect yourself on an everyday basis, adopt new and effective rituals.

Your anti-pollution routine

Step 1: Wash your hair thoroughly!
Start by carefully washing your scalp and hair. Use a deep-cleansing detoxifying shampoo that respects the balance of scalps rendered sensitive by pollution. if you think just washing your hair more often will eliminate the harmful effects of pollution, think again! Do not give in to the temptation of washing your hair too often as this will only further weaken your hair.

Step 2: Sheild your hair with a protective treatment
Preserve your hair from aggressions with a conditioner that serves as an anti-pollution shield for your hair and a detangler! Once a week, you can also apply a nourishing mask to strengthen your damaged lengths.

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2 good habits to adopt daily

# 1: Brush your hair to clean it

Just like a good cleanser removes toxins accumulated during the day from the skin, gentle but thorough brushing will air your hair and remove the pollution that has settled on it throughout the day!

# 2: Use protective hairstyles

If you’re just walking or cycling in town or have meetings in the city centre opt for a protective hairstyle! Tie up your hair when you're on the go, after applying a protective treatment. Or wear a hat or cap – they could soon become your best friends!