Pebble “Cactus”

Do It Yourself


Make a forest of cacti or blossoming trees out of pebbles. 

Turn simple pebbles into beautiful plants!

We all have a few pebbles in our homes: either hidden at the back of our cupboards or at the bottom of boxes, picked up during holidays at the beach! It’s time to give them a new lease of life and there’s no better way than with this activity to keep our children occupied during this complicated period!

Nothing could be simpler, all you need is a few pebbles, some paint, a little imagination... and you’re off!!


  • A nice little jar or plant pot
  • Washable and child-friendly poster paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Soil or sand, or brown paper or newspaper
  • Some round and flat pebbles of various sizes

1. Choose the pebbles


Let your child choose the stones that will be used to create their forest scene.

2. The first coat of paint


Paint all the pebbles green, with a brush or with their fingers.

We recommend painting each pebble a different shade of green: can you try to create an Apple Green, a Castleton Green, a Kelly Green, or Pine Green.Then, let the pebbles dry.

You might need to apply a second base coat of paint if you want a more prominent colour because stones absorb the colour and paint more easily.

3. Decorate the pebbles


When decorating let your imagination (and your brush) guide you! Use white paint for cacti or brightly coloured paints for trees and flowers! Maybe your plant needs small dots, lines, zigzags or crosses for the cactus spines... or small leaves, flowers or straight dashes for pine needles !

4. Assemble the scene


DIY- montage-galets-cactus

Fill your pot with soil or sand, or brown paper if you don’t have soil around (crumple paper into ball to help the pebbles stand up).

Then place the pebbles in the jar, put the biggest stones at the back and the smallest in front.

If you want, you can to fill the surface with tiny stones to hide the soil or use cocoa powder if you don’t have soil at home!

Well done, you did it! Make sure to put your beautiful creation on display for all to admire!!

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