Making Magic

Do It Yourself

Awaken your children to the sensations of nature. 

Magic sand has the power to preserve its shape when moulded. Here is a recipe that you can easily make at home that will let your children’s creative juices flow.

Over to you!


  • Small freezer bags or storage bags
  • Flour
  • Olive oil
  • Natural powdered colouring, e.g. green: spinach powder, red: beet powder, yellow: turmeric powder. You can also use food colouring used for baking.


1. Prepare the mixture


Time to get your aprons on!

Pour 7 cups of flour and 1 cup of oil into a large bowl or mixing bowl.

Mix with a fork or wooden spoon. The mixture will become grainy.

2. Colour the mixture

DIY- colorants-sable-magique

Divide the mixture into the number of colours you have available and pour it into as many bags.

In each bag, add a little of your chosen colouring, seal the bag and get your child to knead the mixture to mix in the colour.

Repeat for each colour.

3. Time to play


Pour the sand into a tray or onto an empty work surface: you can also get out your beach toys. With this magic sand, you can make sandcastles and other fun shapes in your home. You could make a marble run or a course for toy cars.

And there you have it... no need to go out to have a good time!

A tip for storage:

Put the magic sand back in the sealed bags and keep it for several weeks !


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