Keep smiling, no matter the weather!

Natural Tips

Does winter bring you down and leave your spirits low? 29% of the UK population is affected by « Seasonal Affective Disorder ».

What causes Seasonal Affective Disorder? The lack of daylight can disturb our emotional biorhythm and disrupt our brain, which means it has a hard time distinguishing between day and night.

Find out some of the ways you can beat the winter blues:

Take a good dose of vitamin D and magnesium

In winter, the lack of sunlight deprives our bodies of vitamin D. The most effective solution would be to head for Mauritius :)! However, for a cheaper, more environmentally- friendly solution, take a vitamin D supplement when the body's natural reserves run low. Alternatively, boost your diet with a sufficient magnesium intake: wholemeal bread in the morning, almonds and walnuts at snack time and not 1 but 2 blocks of dark chocolate for dessert!

Get moving and clear your mind

It is proven: physical activity increases endorphins and improves mental morale! Motivate your girlfriends to go running in the park, while those who are sensitive to the cold can warm themselves up with a hot yoga class. What's important is to get moving! 

Enjoy a hot drink while watching the rain... 

Drinking and even just holding a hot drink sends positive messages to your brain. Go fix yourself that cappuccino, hot chocolate or chai tea latte with spices that will perk you up in an instant! And above all, switch off your cellphone and enjoy the moment. 


Place candles in each room

It would be ideal to light a fire in the fireplace, but in the absence of a fireplace, beautiful candles have just as much of an effect on our moods. Place them everywhere, in front of windows, on tables, consoles, and even around the bathtub before immersing yourself in a warm bath. Relaxation guaranteed! 

Get together with friends for a vitamin-packed brunch

In winter, the best time to get together with friends is for Sunday brunch. Prepare a gourmet feast with foods rich in fatty acids and Omega 3 which is known to boost endorphins. Out with the traditional fried egg and bacon, try some original and healthy recipes instead: toast with mashed avocado and soft boiled eggs, overnight oats with berries, smoothies with peanut butter/chia seed/almond milk/ banana and apple/celery/kale juice.