Love your hair this winter!

Natural Tips

Plummeting temperatures take their toll on our hair. To keep hair in beautiful condition all winter, here are some simple tips from the experts at Klorane :

  • Dry Hair

In winter, dry hair needs extra special care. Make sure you use conditioner, it will nourish hair that is exposed to the cold and help lock water inside the hair shaft. Apply a quality hair mask once a week to nourish your hair deep down, leaving it looking full of life for the whole week! 


  • Split Ends

Their enemy: the cold. The fatal blow comes when you go outside with wet hair when the temperature drops. The cold will crystalize split ends, leading to breakage.

After you shower, gently towel dry your hair and use the warm setting on your hairdryer to avoid temperature variations - going from hot to cold dries out and weakens hair tips. 

To protect hair tips: apply a dab of leave-in cream or hair oil to ends before going out.

  • Static hair

Woolly hats and scarves are essential during winter but they trigger static electricity in our hair! 

3 anti-static tips :

-When you wash your hair rinse with lukewarm water, water that is too hot will boost the static effect.

-  Use a natural bristle brush for less static electricity. The trick is to mist the brush with some hair spray or dry shampoo before brushing it through your hair: the product will coat the hair and neutralize static electricity.

- Carry Klorane leave-in cream with you in your handbag and apply it to your lengths each time you remove your hat, to counteract the static effect.


  • Tangled hair

With winter jumpers, multiple outer layers, scarves and other winter accessories, long fine hair can easily become tangled, increasing the risk of breakage.

- Tie your hair up in a braid or a bun. These hairstyles will shield your hair from external stresses, especially if you apply a protective oil to your lengths beforehand. 

- Take care of your hair on a daily basis with a nourishing conditioner that detangles, so that the comb easily slides through your hair without causing breakage. Why not try our deliciously scented conditioner with Mango butter!

- Lastly, be sure to gently brush your hair every evening to avoid going to sleep with knots! Just put a dab of nourishing leave-in cream on the ends and off to bed…