Picture (plant) Perfect

Natural Tips

DIY- cadre-feuilles-en situation

Extend your walk in nature by creating a plant table together. 

Follow our tips to make a nature masterpiece - great, creative fun for the whole family.

Admire the results!


  • Dried leaves and flowers collected at the park, in the garden or on the balcony
  • A nice frame - don’t be afraid to recycle a frame you already have at home
  • Child-friendly glue

Make sure your frame is the right size for your assortment of plants.

If you want to create a piece with a glass background, either use an herbarium frame or find two identical glass panes and create a frame using a glass pane on either side.

Or paper / cardboard if you want a coloured background.

1. The harvest

DIY- récolte de feuilles

Some tips on which plants to choose:

  • Take care to have a variety of sizes that complement each other. Also, ensure you have a good balance between flowers and leaves.

  • Make sure you choose different colours for a vibrant mix.

Top Tip: keep as much of the stem as possible! The stems will be helpful when assembling the picture

2. Select and dry


Lay the flowers side by side between two sheets of paper (newspaper or blotting paper). Use an object (e.g. a pile of books) to weight down and press the plants.

Let dry it for a few days – ideally, 7 days!.

3. Frame the picture

DIY-mise en cadre

When they have dried, arrange the leaves and flowers as desired between the two panes or attach them to a piece of paper with small blobs of glue. You can also use some double-sided scrapbooking tape to add some stickers and drawings.

Close the frame.

4. Admire the result !  



Why not organize an exhibition, complete with a few of your child's drawings? Another activity to do with your child which brings the whole household together for a moment of shared fun!

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