Create your natural baths bombs at home

Take your baths to another level and create your natural bath bombs with @hidinginthecity.

Take your baths to another level and create your natural bath bombs with @hidinginthecity.

Learn how to make delicious bath bombs…delicious not because you’re going to eat them but because you are going to soak in them and be surrounded by petals and oils in your bath!

Bath Klorane

What you will need:

-pink Himalayan salts/ Epsom salts

-Floral petals or foliage (we used, lavender, rose, rosemary and geranium)

-coconut oil

-essential oil (lavender or camomile)

Klorane 1

Step 1: Collect the flowers

Have a little walk outside and pick your favourite fresh flowers. You can look for lavender, geranium, rosemary or rose. They will all look very beautiful.

Nip off a few of the heads as you go along on your walk and bring everything you’ve collected home.

petals Klorane

Step 2: Dehydrate your fresh petals

Get some kitchen roll, tear off a sheet and place your fresh petals on it. Make sure to space them out as you don’t want them to touch. Then put a second sheet of kitchen paper on top and make sure all your petals are covered.

Put it directly into the microwave for 1 minute, then check the petals to see If there is still moisture. If so, repeat for another minute until you get perfect dried and dehydrated petals.

Klroane 3

Step 3: Mix in the petals with the salts & coconut oil

When you have enough dried petals, mix equal amounts of petals,  Himalayan salt & coconut oil.

Top tips:  also add an equal amount of Epsom salt in the mixture if you suffer from back, shoulder, neck or skull pain. It helps relax muscles and relieve pain.

double Klorane

Step 4: Add your chosen essential oil

Add 2 drops of essential oil (lavender or chamomile) to the mixture. Please be careful what you choose to use if not these as some essential oils are irritants.

Stir everything together until it’s all evenly mixed in together.

Klorane oil

Step 5: Make your bath bombs.

Use your hands to roll the mixture into balls. You can choose the size you want.

Top tips: in the case you’ve got extra petals left, roll your balls in the petals to make them even prettier.

Place your balls in the fridge/freezer to store.

Klorane bath bombs

Step 6 : Run a hot bath and pop them in and soak! Enjoy!

Klorane bath