Back to work or school: make it a success!

Tips and tricks to ease you back in

Summer break is over! Read on for a few well-informed tips on how to get this season off to a good start, while looking good and feeling great.

Conseils beauté rentrée en automne

Get back into the swing of it

After making the most of those lazy mornings during your summer break, it's once again time to start setting your alarm! To make getting up less difficult, start by progressively setting your alarm for a few days beforehand, shaving off 15 minutes each morning. The last two nights before you go back, get yourself back into the habit of going to bed early: try not to ruin your efforts by going out. Feeling sleepy? It’s a sign! Listen to your body and get yourself to bed!

Get organized to beat stress! !

Stocking up on supplies, inbox filling up with messages, meetings to pencil in... All of these things can fill you with a sense of dread. To stop yourself becoming overwhelmed by stress, organize your calendar in advance, list your tasks in order of importance, and set your schedule accordingly. Add to that list a few activities just for you: a nice bath, or perhaps book yourself in for a massage or a yoga class for example!

Chute de cheveux éviter stress

Make that tan last

As hard as it is to say goodbye to the deckchair, swimming pool and white sand beach, looking washed-out this season is out of the question! Part of the point of going on vacation is so that you can come back looking well-rested and with a golden glow, so to counteract the arrival of fall, you need to look after your tan to keep it intact for as long as possible! Sand and sun tend to dry out the epidermis. Enter your two new best friends: face and body exfoliation and hydration! Use a gentle scrub to exfoliate your skin once a week, followed by a moisturizing and plumping mask. The rest of the time, drink at least 1.5l, or just under half a gallon, of water a day and gorge yourself on seasonal fruits and vegetables such as apricot and melon, for a boost of beta-carotene to retain that radiant complexion for several weeks after you get back.


Get a new hobby

It's the end of summer but the start of a new school year! Use the last few days of your vacation to make new plans. Invest in a small notebook and each day write down your hopes and intentions for the season. If you have been wanting to take up a new activity like theater or singing, now is the time to go for it! Having new goals will make you more motivated and you might even start to wish the summer away!

Nouveaux projets pour la rentrée

Visit your hairdresser

After a summer of sun, sea and sand, it’s a good idea to head to the salon to refresh your look and give it more structure, make it easy to style in the morning, and accentuate your healthy complexion. Go for a radical change or just a trim to remove split ends to get your hair looking healthy again and to stimulate regrowth. As far as products go, you want to gently massage your scalp with each shampoo to strengthen the roots and promote microcirculation. Prolong the effect of summer on your hair by applying Klorane Conditioner with Quinine . Ultra-nourishing... give it a try this season for hydrated and radiant hair.

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