3 Anti-pollution beauty tips!

Natural Tips

Unsurprisingly, pollution is an enemy for the health and appearance of our skin, our hair, and our bodies. How can you preserve your beauty whilst living and working in the city?

Here are Klorane's protective techniques you can adopt.


#1 - Save your skin!

Whilst living in the city, we have all experienced that feeling of dirty skin at the end of the day due to air pollution. Our skin’s epidermis becomes loaded with toxins, which means our complexion becomes dull and does not reflect the light as well. Without suitable protection again air pollution the skin can age prematurely.

Here are some of Klorane’s tips for the city go-getters: In the evening, always be sure to remove all of your make-up and cleanse your face and neck. This is an essential step in the evening to rid the skin of toxins that accumulate during the day. Adopt either the ritual of removing make-up first with oil and then with water, or perform a quick face massage with your cleansing milk. Adopt an anti-pollution skin routine by applying a serum under your make-up at the start of the day. A serum acts as a real skin shield, rich in protective and antioxidant molecules, such as vitamins E and C., Then re-apply at night as a treatment to help the skin regenerate itself and expel toxins

If you cycle to work, wait until you get to the office to put your make-up on. Cleanse your skin first to avoid spending the whole day with the toxins you accumulated on the way.


#2 - Strengthen yourself from within

Boost your antioxidant consumption through the foods you eat to reduce or prevent oxidative stress! Air pollution increases oxidative stress in our bodies by disrupting the balance of minerals in our cells, this can lead to some forms of cancers, heart disease, and obesity. Consume more Vitamin C ; this is present in fruits such as the kiwi, citrus fruits, blueberries, etc. Also try incorporating more vitamins E, B, and omega 3 into your diet through eating eggs and drinking green tea.

Try our Green Anti-Pollution Smoothie recipe: Blend together 2 kiwis + a handful of spinach + 2 kale leaves, then add a spoonful of Spirulina, which is a supplement that helps to drain heavy metals from your body. And et voila you're ready to face the day!


#3 - Shield your hair!

Pollution can suffocate and damage the scalp making it odorous and dirty. In the long term air pollution can accelerate the appearance of grey hair and premature hair loss. How can you counteract this? Air your hair with a good brushing every evening. The brush will ventilate your hair and remove certain pollutants that settle throughout your hair. Use a deep-cleansing detoxifying shampoo that respects the balance of your scalp, which has been affected by pollution. The shampoo will protect your scalp from daily aggressors with its anti-pollution shield effect. Discover the decontaminating power of aquatic mint in the new anti-pollution ritual from Klorane laboratories. https://www.klorane.com/uk-en/hair/aquatic-mint/shampooing-detox

Remember to ventilate your home and office by opening the windows for at least 10 minutes a day to dilute and combat indoor pollutants that have congregated around you. Invest in some decontaminating plants for your home and for the office. Good old photosynthesis turns that carbon dioxide into oxygen. Our favourites are dragon trees, climbing ivy or ficus.