LOSS OF DENSITY Is it possible to thicken hair naturally?

It’s very common to want a different hair type than the one we have... some of us spend hours straightening our curly locks and those with fine hair dream of a long, thick mane. Thin hair, don’t care? Thin hair is pretty too! But if you do want thicker hair, first you’ll need to determine the cause: is your hair naturally fine or has it lost its density over time?

Let’s take a look at some natural techniques for thickening fine hair

There are two types or causes of fine hair: hair that is naturally fine and hair that has become fine over time. The former is a result of physiological or genetic factors (so there's not much that can be done), the hair shaft (the hair itself) is small in diameter and the hair therefore lacks volume. If you have this type of thin hair, the best option is to give it the illusion of thicker hair by playing with volume using simple styling and drying techniques. Try blow-drying your hair with your head upside down or building body at the roots for example. You can combine this with volumising haircare products. And remember to use dry shampoo to add texture and volume to the roots.

In the case of the latter, hair gradually thins after the age of 35. The hair fibre becomes thinner and weaker and the scalp lacks vitality and is often dry. As a result, even if the person doesn’t experience hair loss, they’ll feel that they have less hair due to the loss of density. The solution is to target the hair fibre with re-densifying, thickening, hair care products with naturally-derived ingredients that will make the hair appear fuller and more luxurious.


How can I dry my hair without damaging it?

  • Protect before
  • Repair after

These are the 2 key steps to minimise damage to the hair fibre. Our tips for drying your hair without damaging it.

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